So, what do you have for a familiar?

I am thinking of a shepherd, not only does it signify the task of magi Trianomae, it also is a nice example of Rego. (I would never give the speech though, just mental communication "Woof" "What do you say, did timmy fall down the well again?")

My air merenita maga died before befriending a familiar, but I was thinking of a small cloud, changing to match the (tempestuous) emotional state of her, a thundercloud when angry, a dreary grey cloud when sad, and a white sheep cloud when happy. Not very useful to me, but fun and handy for other people.

Ignoring all except the core book, I think I am correct here.

Familiars are creatures that have magical might. A sheperd (I assume you mean a dog) can have might, so that is no problem.

A cloud with MM may be harder to find, although I can see it happening in a fairy regio.

Well, the maga in question has had numerous conversations with clouds, the four winds, and storms in general, so that would not be the problem...

I meant the shepherd dog, I plan to go out into the field quite soon to find one, maybe even get a profession (shepherd) when at it. But I have no idea yet where to find one, only the shepherd from the atlantean sheep comes to mind...