For each combination of TeFo, which familiar would you say is a good example?

For me:

  • PeCo : wolf
  • ReAq : frog

Mulling this over myself for my saga.

My mages:

Ferrator Panvictus - Creo or Rego Terram - has a MMF in metals so if that can be out into play, so much the better.

Pellegrina Montacatini de Tulede - Muto (12) specialist with Corpus (7) and Animal (5)

Laurus Dionysus - elementalist, with Rego and Muto at 13, and Aquam & Auram at 6.

Helios Excelcis - Intellego with Mentem/Ignem/Vim at 9/8/7 respectively.

Few of them give me immediate thoughts... Pellegrina could I guess be any animal that changes in any way. A butterfly, a scytale, a chameleon, etc...


Laurus, i would say cygnus

Helios, maybe some animal very sensitive (intellego mentem). But i can't find ideas.

There's a sidebar with suggestions in RoP:Magic on page 57.

Haven't that book :smiley:

Raven... thought and memory, after all. :slight_smile:

Helios sounds like he'd fit with an owl....

But, it sound be far more dependant on the personallity of the magus in question...

Oh, heh, as a note, there's a Bjornaer with Mythic Blood: Owl of Virtue in the group - I'd probably avoid an owl familiar for Helios to let her feel special. A raven, though... that's a nice thought!

I'll pretend I'm the only one who doesn't know... what's a "scytale"? (as an animal)

A type of snake.


Great link, Richard Love! Thanks for sharing!

Great link, Richard Love! Thanks for sharing!

ReAq: pond skater. :laughing: any animal with magical water walking abilities.
PeCo: foxes are infamous spreading rabies. or any animal which can hurt people with its magical ability.

Some related question: does the familiar have to have might?

Do you have a rulebook?
page 104 Finding and Befriending an Animal:

The animal must have inherent magic and likely has magic might.

"likely" is not must have for me.

Thus, my question.

And thus your answer.

Likely = not must have.

Il ne faut pas qu'ils l'ont.

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(or, in french: un post double)


Merci :slight_smile: