Is there anywhere a list of suggested Familiars for each of the Arts?

Am designing a Magus with high Creo and Corpus, but am drawing blanks on what kind of familiar might be suitable for him to bind later.

I am of the philosophy - and so is my co-ASG in my 2 sagas - that one can finde an appropriate animal for any Te Fo combo...But I'm a bit ad odds here. Lemme se what I can think up.

Cr Co signifies healing for one, or regrowth or the body. A leech is perhaps not really useful, but what about a salamander - can't they regrow their lost limbs? Or is the salamander too much an Ignem thing in Mythic Europe?

Looking the the Te anf Fo separately, Creo signifies builder and something constructive. Corpus is human or humanoid bodies...A monkey? Do any kinds of apes actually build nests or shelters with branches?

RoP: magic has just such a list.

Or any animal associated with healing or long life. Or where this particular animal has power of healing.
Just to give examples.

A turtle?

According to the 13th century floor of Westminster Abbey, a stag lives three times longer than a man, a raven lives three times longer than a stag, and an eagle lives three times longer than a raven. Great sea beasts live three times longer than eagles, and the world will live three times longer than them. So we only have 17,010 years of the universe (assuming a biblical "three-score years and ten" for a man).
Stags are also able to cure themselves of snakebite. So might be a good choice here.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I do not have the Realm of Power: Magic, so I cannot access that list unfortunately.

The character is a healer, I probably should have stated that in my initial post but a stag seems a bit off for him.

Not sure how a Turtle fits with Te + Fo though.

Guess I'll have to consider this some more.

I was looking for that list last night, but managed to play Civ V instead...A lot of Beasts of Virtue are usable is a magus take some part and does something specific to Enrich it to grant various Immunities or Purifying Touch. That sounds healer-like to me.

Salvete, Sodales!

I am not sure about medieval folklore, but wasn't the stork supposed to deliver babies? Then a healer can always have some kind of serpent (just have a look at the staff of Aesuleipius).

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