Fan Arcetypes Art Project

I started to do some art for the various fan archetypes so when the PDF of it does get released at some point, copyright for the art won't be a problem.

I've been taking some CG courses and dealing with a family emergency that prevented me from being that active on the foum the past few months, but now I've got some time to work on what I wanted to the past few months.

If anyone want to help out with the art please let me know. Some of the images are going to need some post work done on them and could be polished up a bit aand I' need some one to help with that and to critic the ones I've done.

Currently I'm working on:
Gentleman Retainer (and a female version of the same basic set up)
Tainted One
Reformed Gangster
Super Hero

The Nun it looks like will be finished in the next day or two. I have arough version ready that I can email out to anyone who wants to see it.
Gentleman Retainer is going to take the longest to do it looks like, so I'm not sure if I'll have that one finished up in the near future or if it will get moved down in priority.