Fan Grimoire?

Oh, I understood it as non-standard RDT from the corebook.

Like, if someone wants to invent a spell with duration: meal

The question was about spells using RDT that not every Magus has access to, like Faerie Magic, or Chthonic Magic, Holy Magic, or other virtues through initiation.

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That was my reading when I voted.

I hope that, rather than just throwing them away, they are published with their rationale. Not necessarily with the same effort put into copy-editing, but in some format to let contributors know why they were rejected before they are resubmitted for the next edition. But yes, I too had the impression that nobody wanted the main list polluted with dubious spells.

BTW, I cannot see any example of virtue-specific RDT mixed into a longer list in RAW, not in core anyway, so the argument of having it just like RAW does not make an awful lot of sense.

The fact that the Core didn't publish any spells with Faerie Magic guidelines is a shame, in my opinion.
Sample spells are always good to have.

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Would you include spells from the The Net Wizard's Grimoire? I see from the post by @YR7 it is no longer maintained, although I added some spells to it over the last couple of years, and maybe others have too?

I have a problem with the GitHub file, not because it's short on spells, but because I have no idea who contributed each spell, so I cannot give the author credit in this project.

Is it possible to know who authored which spell? I'd like to give the authors credit

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Spells that are written in Hermetic are all mine and I'm the only author of that file. So, you can use them.

P. S. You can view changes to files and commits by clicking the clock icon on a specific file but it isn't obvious who wrote a spell or who modified it.


The authors agreed to share their spells, including moving them to another platform (if they read the fine print...), so there's that.

Just an update

Am still gathering the various sources into one file (for now am focusing on spells), but work is a bit slow, because I try to make all entries have a similar look, so in many cases, i have to write the RDT, or the blurb at the bottom, with the base, and adjustments.

Also, a heads up to those who want to help critique the spells:

  1. Some spells seem to be duplicates, we'll have to consider what we do in that case.
  2. I only skimmed the spells, but I can already see that quite a few will cause some discussion.
  3. This is already giving me good vibes, and a headache, so I hope it would come to pass.

If you have something that can format things for you, you can generally copy and paste unformatted text and then let the computer pop the tags into it. That way you don't have to do that part by hand.

With duplicates we could write it up once while crediting multiple authors.