Fanning the Infernal Flames

RoP:I introduces a new CrVi guideline - Restore a demon's might pool by (Level +10) might points. A few questions:

a) Is this spell cumulative - e.g. can I cast the version restoring 15 points twice to restore 30 points?

b) What happens when the duration ends (the example spell has Sun duration)? Do the "unspent" extra points disappear? Does the demon lose as many points as it originally gained? And can a demon regain points while under the effects of the spell?

c) Is there a reason why similar spells should not exist for other Realms of Power?

d) It seems that one can create Powers for characters with Infernal might (and, depending on c, characters with might in general) that allow them to recover more might points than the Power costs. Depending on the answer to a) and b) should this be a big no-no or ...?

a) I don't see why not, there are no rules aginst it. It does open up for the possible abuse with a low level spell mastered and multi-cast for great effetc. But no worse than say Demon's Eternal Oblivion.

b) I see several different interpretations here. The well-known mechanic which IMHO resembles this closest is healing spells. When affected by a non-ritual healing spell like Bind Wound, you do not heal naturally while under the effect. So the restored Might points disappear - unless already spent - and the demon will not ave recovered naturally during this time.
Another solution is simply to calculate what it would have recovered during this time, and if the current pool of restored points is higher than this, reduce to this recovered amount. This way the demon does not end up better than if it'd just recovered normally. But it did have the restored points during this time, to use or hold onto, even if they were temporary.

c) Not as such, any things work the same for all 4 realms. But not all! This might be possible only in infernal beings, because it is an evil act and it opens up for demonic corruption. This is just a thought, because I want dealing with demons to be dangerous.
OTOH if it were possible for all realms, my Tremere necromancer would invent such a spell to use on his giant white wolf familiar.

d) no comments at this time

Isn't evil tempting :laughing:

It is not temptation, only a good deal for you. Why wouldn't you take this offer? :smiling_imp:

"Come on - The first time is free..."

Guess this is very open to interpretation, but my interpretation of this is that the non-ritual versions don't give might points that can be used for powers (not nourishing), and only helps protect against the use of PeVi effects that remove might points... (in other words - not very useful).

Such points would prevent normal might regeneration.

Such a power would require a ritual power (IMO), but would othervise be okay.

Useful for the MAGUS casting the spell, though: if the demon cannot regenerate you can take a break before bombarding it again with your anti-demon spells. I have seen this done to mundane targets: the magi cast a healing spell to their enemies when they lift the siege. A month later they return with their healed companions. The enemies are wounded again.


Aha. Beautiful and evil at once...

Hmm - that is an idea I'm going to steal for my next monster hunt.... Now I finally have something that I can use my great CrVi total for:D

Yes, but a bit unfortunate if they can capitalise on it straight away (by pursuing their advantage or harassing your troops), what with their new-found health and your weary troops...

Yup, you need to be careful about that, too true. :slight_smile: Having a drake with its depleted might unable to regain power to cast its Might 3 fire breath (you give him 1 might point only) is nice, though :slight_smile: