Fantasy Bestiary LAs or ECLs?

Anyone ever calculated the level adjustments and/or effective character levels for the various monsters in the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary? Or maybe even done some monster classes for them (like those from WotC's Savage Species)? I'm going to be playing in a new campaign soon, and I'd really like to try playing an angel or archangel sabaoth.

Have your DM try using Savage species as a model based on the HD of the different celestials. There's a section of Savage Species about creating monster classes. I think there's some material on the WOTC site as well.


Thanks for the suggestion, qstor, but that's what we were already planning to do. I was just hoping someone else might have already gone through the process, as calculating level adjustments for monster races can be pretty tricky. Having someone else's opinion surely would have been nice.

if I understand the way Pathfinder handles "LA" now (which they have largely abandoned, and are using CR in its place), a vampire is effectively a +2 LA template. If the character has at least 4 character levels (i.e., would be an ECL 6 character), then it's only a +1 LA - the extra level coming halfway between levels 6 and 7.

It should be noted, however, that templates aren't covered by the Pathfinder "Monsters as PCs" rules, so I'm not sure I'm interpreting them correctly - or even that there is a correct interpretation...