fatigue levels & 'designer' animals

Since I acquired the Life Boost virtue, it's become a lot more relevant just how many fatigue levels each of my animal forms has.

They range from my falcon with 2 (or 3) to my great white shark with 9.

With Life Boost I can burn fatigue levels to boost spell penetration, so obviously as a great white, I can put a lot more into the spell before passing out than I can as a bird.

To take advantage of this I want to create a new animal form with as many fatigue levels as i can fit into it..

but I'm not sure what the criteria is which defines how many fatigue levels a body has.

I suspect it's a combination of size, strength and energy.. and would be interested in other peoples opinions.

My shark is huge, powerful, and fast, so scores highly across the board.

A rhino would be huge, powerful, but docile, so I suspect would have less fatigue levels.

The falcon is quick, but neither big nor powerful so has very low levels..

I can't think of a 'real' land animal who would score better than my bear, but maybe someone else can?

Or maybe I should just create a designer animal who matches all my requirements.. again suggestions would be welcomed :slight_smile:

In Mystery Cults, which has the rules for desiging animals, there are a couple qualities like "Pursuit Predator" that give an extra fatigue level to the animal you are designing.

If you check the updated Book of Mundane Beasts, you'll note that bears are far from being the only ones to have a bunch of additional fatigue levels. Though I would double-check with the book...