Fatuus the Lamenter

For discussion of the creation of Fatuus the Lamenter.

So here is my concept, such as it were: Fatuus was going through gauntlet. The final test his master gave him was to cast a spontaneous spell. Fatuus has never been able to "get" spontaneous magic (Major Herm Flaw Chaotic Magic) and so while doing this, manages to roast his master's familiar. The master graduates him, then promptly hauls him off to tribunal, where he is rather influential. The master demands that the apprentice be brought to justice. The tribunal decides that the master should be awarded massive damages ( specific charge would be "Depriving of Power", to the tune of several queens. Fatuus is branded with the symbol of the Order of Hermes on his cheek (Minor Soc Flaw Branded Criminal) and sent off to newly opened up Africa in order to explore for the Order, exploit a potent vis source, and possibly establish a forward outpost from which to interact with peoples further south. The former master does not feel that this punishment is harsh enough, and wants to make Fatuus' life even harder, but not necessarily kill him. (Minor Story Flaw Tormenting Master)

In regards to House, I'm picturing Mercere due to their presence within the Roman Tribunal. Would a Minor Magical Focus in speaking to inanimate objects be acceptable? To make my intentions perfectly clear, I mean the In He/Aq/Au/Ig/Te "Speak with x" Spells

There are two flaws with this concept-

  1. hermetic courts don't use branding as a punishment. If he has the flaw it is from elsewhere
  2. Mercere magi are very highly valued and respected by the house, and would not be sent off to a solitary covenant in Africa and punished in this way, because their abilities as a magus for the house are so valuable.

Being a Mercere magus is, I figure, why he was exiled to Africa : to protect him from getting marched by a psychotically vengeful master.
Perhaps he felt so guilty over the death of his master's familiar that he chose to brand himself to show his remorse? It would be interpreted by outsiders as a criminal brand.

Does that feel more fitting? Or is him being Mercere just unacceptable?

Him being a mercere is fine, but Harco is one of the predominant covenants of the tribunal, which means simply being a mercere magus in the Roman tribunal would mean he has a lot of political backing and power- the concept would certainly play easier for a member of a less connected house- pretty much any house other than Mercere, bonisagus, or Guernicus- Verditious has a strong presence in the tribunal but it is so filled with internal strife that it wouldn't really protect its members.
Keep in mind that a singular magus cannot march another, that requires a tribunal vote, and the penalty outlined is a severe one. If he were a Tytalus magus he could well have been branded by his parens as an apprentice.

I like Tytalus for a house, but I don't feel like Self-Confidant fits for the character. Would it be acceptable to find a replacement that's more in line with the concept, or just go without the free virtue?

How about we set it aside as an "inherited" virtue- in other words having survived being apprenticed to a Tytalus he will one day have great confidence, but at this point in time is still suffering the PTSD of that treatment and so it cannot yet manifest.

I like it! I will write him up and post him on the wiki later today, when I have access to my home computer.

one other issue- didn't think about this when we were discussing it earlier- branded criminal is a social status, and the rules state that you cannot have two social status unless they specifically state they are compatible. Which magus and branded criminal do not.

You also do not have a large enough lab total to have learned the slow knit of flesh

Okay, I switched Branded Criminal over to Disfigured. Could we just fudge the 1 lab total point that I'm shy for Slow Knit? Maybe the Master's covenant had an Aura of 4? shrug I just find it difficult to work through spell creation before I have a solid concept for what the character wants and thinks they need.

We can decide you experimented- I will roll on the extraordinary results table and you take the outcome...

… okay, I pre-rolled it to see what you would get, I got "special or story event".
Which with slight modification to the back story fits "roasted your master's familiar"...

I think the dice have spoken and we go with this...

Works for me, thanks!