Favorite Houses

Currently playing an Ex Misc and love it (although there's too few Major Supernatural Flaws :wink:), but I like Criamon and Guernicus.

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My favourite house is Guernicus... I always have considered the Quaestores to be one of the main forces that keep the whole Order toghether. It does not seem to be a popular choice, though!

As master, Tytalus.
As Player, Jerbiton and Merinita.
May the Vis will be with you!

Bonisagus... 'cause I'm a librarian, and I'm usually the alpha storyguide. Playing a bookworm lab rat who never wants to leave the covenant lets me have a character without worry much about stealing the limelight from the players.

Criamon. I'm very attracted to mystic and mystery cults, as a player.

As a SG... probably tough, proud, Tremere magi. I base them on my regiment's commanders (I served in infantry); and they were pretty tough and uncompromising when they needed to be :smiley:

Personally I've always liked House Bonisagus but think each and every one of the Houses is great in a different way.

I seem to play Bjornaer characters alot. My nick is actually from a very social and politically minded dolphin Bjorner from a stormridden spring covenant in the Loch Leglan tribunal..... a long time ago. I like the fact that they are somewhat outsiders, being a germanic tradition. Often underestimated.
The favorite house that I never played must be Guernicus. They have great powers, but checked by great restrictions, and they serve the order in the ultimate sense.
After True Lineages, those four houses all became much more apealing. Looking forward to the Mystery Houses!

My first character was of House Bonisagus, and the aspect trying to advance Magic theory for the good of the Order has always appealed to me. I also like what was done with Bonisagus in True Lineages. My current "mage" is a Natural Philosopher, so I guess I can be neutral in the debate...

Ex Misc for me. As much as I love the Ars Magica system, and I do LOVE the system, nothing is even remotely comparable on pure genius, I don't like the politics and non-fantasy parts of the game so much. So I tend to choose the house that's the least of a house. But our games are alot more 'fantastic' than most Ars Magica games I believe (we use XP to learn things, not a study system... so killing big ogres and dragons is the best way to learn how to cast fireballs for us.... :stuck_out_tongue:)

I have only ever played Bonisagi. I greatly enjoy playing theoretical, absent minded scholar types with outrageous magic theory scores and little or no practical experience. When I'm done with GM'ing my current saga I will probably play Tytalus or Verditius. Tytali are cool and my favorite NPC's from a GM point of view.
Although playing a Verditius with the goal of becoming the richest magi ever is something I think I would enjoy.

I've always been fond of the exoteric magic houses, especially the Merinita and Ex Misc.

However, now that I've read True Lineages, I've fallen in love with the reimagings of Tremere and Mercere. Tremere are much more interesting as a house organized like a military brotherhood than as "eeeevil boogeymen." And the Mercere as being blood descendants of the founder, fascinated with change and the cult of Mercury, is just divine. I'm dying for The Mysteries to come out, so I can play a cult of mercury Mercere theurgist. Or maybe I'll play a muslim ex misc theurgist, from the magical tradition of the sahir.

I must confess after reading True Lineages I developed a certain sympathy for House Tremere.I like my Bjornaier.

Wow ! Those were my thouhgts exactly. I must say that is among the highest praise one could think of to Timothy Ferguson, when he can make Bjornaer loving, Tremere scepitcs like us suddenly sit up, crane our neck in interest and admit that we could play Tremere characters. Yeah for sure, I could see myself making a Tremere magus.
I'm very impressed Timothy!

Well, I'm glad you like them. The more I look at them, the more I like them too. Basically I'm looking forward to seeing how they are used in future supplements, and in people's campaigns.

IMO campaigns I never played an old Tremere: I played Jerbitons and then Tytaluses, and then later lightning Flambeaux. At the moment I'm between sagas again (sigh).

Flambeau has always been my favorite, but I've only really played one just once. A very stereo typical Flambeau, died young but lived the way a Flambeau would. From then I've been taking Verditians, I just like designing magic items, and with Verditius magic it's so much better.

I have one of those in my Campaign and I am hard at work to keep him alive.The results are usually very interesting,if painful for my Character.