favourite Death Prophecy?

New player wanted a Death Prophecy For their warrior Companion - will die when awake. Initially I thought that easy to exploit, but now I am thinking that most wounds drop you unconscious before they kill you.

Wish he had gone with something like my favourite Death Prophecy -"You shall be doomed by True Love"
Or even "You shall be killed by one bearing the blood mark of Merowig".

What other good Death Prophecies can I offer as examples?


I thought the prophecy is he would die in his sleep. It being ironic as most prophecies are epic, a forest coming to Dunsinane, Oedipus killing his Dad, and then little spooning himself as he'd big spooned his mum, etc.

The dying in one's sleep can mean he peacefully passes away at a ripe old age, however, there's a lot of magic sleep around, a stealthy assassin creeps in to the camp when sleeping, etc.

If I recall the character has not told anyone what the prophecy is, so it can be tweaked.


At the last moment he is awakened by a stabbing pain before he shrugs off the mortal coil.

Reminds me of one character who had a family death prophecy that their death would involve fire- during the saga her uncle passed away midwinter next to a roaring fireplace.


Theoretically the Head can retain conciousness for a few seconds after decapitation so that would work

Or you die while being tortured by a magus who is using ReMe to keep you awake- aren't you lucky!

A curse which prevents you ever sleeping causing you to die of madness and exhasution

I'd say that's too broad, and the player needs to narrow it down.

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