Feng Shui 2: Mooks v Wound/Damage Shticks

Hello friends,

I'm looking at the playtest rules and I had a question about how Mooks interact with certain shticks. For the purpose of a good set of examples, I'm thinking about the Bag Full of Guns II shtick (p 51, 139) and the Psychic Vampire shtick (p 242).

Now, Mooks don't take damage or have wounds, they just go down when hit. According to a strictly rules lawyer-y interpretation of the rules, shooting a Mook would always trigger Bag Full of Guns (since you will hit and drop the Mook pre-damage, thus failing to go over your BFG damage threshold), and you could never take the 3 Wound penalty on your attack to psychically vampirize a Mook, since again they drop when hit and can't take Wounds.

Is this working as intended?

Good catch.

For BFOG II, I'd say taking down a mook should count as doing at least 15 Wound points. If a gun is working well on mooks, then I don't see why they'd have to switch to a bigger gun. So I think there are two fixes here: 1) count mooks going down as at least 15 wounds, force a switch if the shooter misses; or 2) ignore mooks for the purposes of BFOG II.

For Psychic Vampire, I think I'd just say "This doesn't work against mooks. Well-respected psychic vampires simply do not sully their psychic fangs on the weak blood of such worthless rabble."

Psychic Vampire question still kinda exists in the finished copy. BBG question resolved by adding "named character" to the shtick.

Yep, I think it is intended that you can't refill your Genome points on simple mooks.