Feng Shui 2 Subscription Questions/News

Hey all - is there anyway we can find out where this service stands in that how many subscription have there been so far? Will you all be making an update when it hits 350?

thanx :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, Jefferson! We've added a progress bar to the sales page, but I'm happy to tell you we have 160 subscribers out of the necessary 350. There are still two months to go, so be sure to let any FS2-playing friends know.

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Only 160! :wink:

That's pretty good for a week or so I'd think.

Time to inform the mates......

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Hmm, is there be a choice in the number of products I want to support? From reading the blurbs there is one I am not interested in at all.

You can suspend your subscription/opt-out for any specific book that doesn't suit you (or of course cancel the whole subscription at will).

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Thanks, after a couple of chats with other Feng Shui fans that were around. They mentioned it was an option.

I am now signed up.

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I just signed up for physical + PDF. I'm looking forward to more Feng Shui 2!

Did we do it? Did we reach the magical number? :slight_smile:


But also just the beginning. So keep spreading the word! If we can hit additional milestones, we'll be able to add more art to the books and do larger supplements. (I'd love to do a 690 AD sourcebook, for example, since that juncture never received a 1st Edition sourcebook.)


That's great! I was looking at the subscription page every day to see if we reached the number of subscriptors, and I was afraid it wasn't enough!

I can't wait to get the new material!

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Awwwww yeah!!!! So happy to hear about this.

Well done you guys!

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Check out the new progress tracker on the FS Subscription page! (Scroll down.) It's designed to make it quick and easy to see how the books are coming along. :slight_smile:

And remember you can modify your subscription at any time using our handy subscriptions dashboard. Here's that link for easy access:

Have you already signed up for the Feng Shui Subscription? Get your exclusive Dragons badge and the "Dragon" title, plus Grand Master level (Trust Level 4) on the forum. Just Request access to the group here: https://forum.atlas-games.com/g

I received my link to Burning Dragon yesterday (Yay!). I've saved the email, downloaded it to a couple of places, and given it a first read (looks like all sorts of fun). However, a question occurs to me. Many places have a library attached to your account, where if at some time in the future, you need to download it again, you can. I don't seem to find any kind of system like that here for Dragons. Have I missed something?

Drat, meant to subscribe, but looks like I missed the first release. I guess that I won't get it for subscribing now, which would make sense ...

(Oh, got a 404 on that https://atlas-games.com/FS2subscriptionThanks page - hope that my subscription has gone through.)

You should have an account in our Shopify shop that the download is associated with. Go to https://shop.atlas-games.com/account and sign in, and see if it's there. Please let me know if you find it okay!

-Michelle Nephew
Atlas Games Co-owner

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Thanks for the heads up!

Yes I found it. Thank you. However, without the link that you provided here, I don't know that I would have. I suggest putting that link on our subscription dashboard would be a good idea.

Yay! Good suggestion ... not sure I can put it on the dashboard, but I can for sure make sure it's in the list of links in the next email newsletter. Thanks for figuring it out and letting me know!

-Michelle Nephew
Atlas Games Co-owner

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