Feng Shui: Case Files of Section 44: Another Fine Mess

So are either Nic or Ming going to be coming back for the second installment?

I haven't heard- and given the slot situation I don't think I can accommodate them unless a number of people drop out.

Debbie is every bit as controlled as her explosions - no reason to worry at all - after all she's never actually killed anyone with them. Not that she's tried of course...

Anyways, you know my opinion if you need to make space for extra players Queex - I can always gracefully bow out and make do with the regular dose of mayhem you provide.

FYI, I'm not dead. I'm just recovering from oral surgery.

For those of you who aren't able to be in this round of Queex's S-44, there will be another FS campaign starting in June.

Keep your eyes peeled, and everyone will get a chance to play.


Right- the current set of players is:

rbingham2000, MasterAir, Nam, Vortigern and Shadowmourne.

Now, I'm prepared to take Shadowmourne at his word and swap him out for Harlequin- although if we lose any players (like we did last time) I'm prepared to let him back in. I almost hope that happens as the character looked like fun.

Full disclosure- I known Shadowmourne and MasterAir in real life. As Shadowmourne has already bought a load of Feng books I feel Atlas' interest might be better served by concentrating on other people. :wink:

I'll see about setting up the game forum presently.

We have a forum! Go to town, remembering first to get yourself added to the play by forum user list.


I haven't visited the forums in a while, and when I do, I didn't notice the recruitment thread. Now, the game is filled! AAAARRRGH!

Nic Bennet bangs his head against the desk repeatedly, regretting the last few days full of tequila, clubs, and Brazilian belly dancers. He doesn't even know what's stuck in his hair, let alone where the new tattoo came from. The only thing he knows for sure... he's never letting Ming Shi talk him into a "relaxing weekend" again.

Nic slowly walks towards Richardson's office, popping some more aspirin and holding the smudged paperwork to request some personal time off[/i]...

Sensei, you just made my day with that post by poor Nic.

Can you advise how I do that? Sorry to be a pest - not played via this site before.

The usergroups button at the top of the page is the place to go. You have to wait to be validated, but once that's done you're golden.

Sensei, you just made my day with that post by poor Nic.

[color=darkblue][size=75]Heh heh! [/size]I'm gonna miss you guys this time out. I just re-read our last adventure, and recalled what a blast it was! :stuck_out_tongue:

Catch ya later. Happy hunting!

I haven't heard back from the chap, so Shadowmourne, you're in.

Look lively, you lot!

For a game that was oversubscribed, there are remarkably few players ready to launch into the excitement. Get moving!

I've been on holiday for the last week. I've posted my reponse to the scene you've set. Looking forward to getting stuck in.