Few Arcanowave Questions

1 I like the idea that a character change over a period of time game sessions from an normal monsterhunter to a monsterous abomination through exposure of magic on the cellular level.
But in the corebook there are e few obscurities about this topic.
On page 118 is said that once an arcwave mutataion check is failed you can gain creature schticks( therefore you must be a monster/an abomination), but according to the chart on page 124 you are considered an abomination as recently as you reached -8 on the arcwave mutation outcome (I find this possibility much bettter, because you can't see youreself as an creature with cool abilities:) and a frightend appearance with only minor cosmetic blemish and so on). What do you think?

2 The book says that abominations are immune to further harm from arcwave devices. But the mutation outcome chart on page 124 says you are considered an abomination when reached an outcome of - 8 and the chart goes till -14. I see the problems in this case- loosing two points of mind on an outcome of -9 and -10 isn't really good for an already stupid creature:) But it is such a cool effect when a creature barfs green slime and it veins pulse. I think I describe these effects when I want these effects in game terms, how a creature would barf suddenly or when it want to barf (foul spew):smiley: When I look at the rules all effects from -9 till -14 aren't visible effects so I abide by the rules and so on arcwave devices do no further harm to my abominations.
Hell yeah it isn't really a question I let them spew arround everywhere when they want to :smiley:

3 Impairment points caused by wound points disappear when your're healed.
Impairment caused by the transanimal schtick bellow disappear at the end of the sequence and at least impairment points caused by the agony grenade last for a shot time equal to the outcome...
The question is how long last the impairment points caused by the neural stimulator? I can't find any preference in the book!

  1. & 2) It says you're considered an abomination for things that target abominations, IIRC, so you wouldn't gain the immunity to further mutation until you drop off the bottom of the chart. Similarly, you can start buying creature schticks once you get that neat skull mark. Personally, I restrict creature schticks from mutations fairly heavily, and wouldn't allow them until -8, but that's a house rule rather than official.

  2. Once they unplug it makes sense. That's why replugging it has such a harsh penalty. It's still sick, twisted and wrong.

Heh - it's Arcanoware. Them's the breaks. Ta for the house rule on mutations, though.