Filtiarn ex Miscellanea


I have been perusing the saga of Bibracte for some time now, and as Jonathan kindly accepted me to join the troupe, it's my privilege to present my character concept. 8)

Basic Character Concept: Filtiarn Aes Criedne ("Filtiarn" : lord of the wolves/celtic)
The Aes Criedne (people/followers of Criedne) are an ex Miscellanea Tradition of Beastcrafters(cf char.sheet), from a celtic but non-Diedne lineage.

And to develop a bit more...
The Aes Criedne share somewhat similar practices, yet are not as proficient in Spontaneous Magic as the typical closet-druids. This Tradition also teaches the same ability for animal summoning as the Beastmasters do, but they are not shunning the mundane like those secluded nature wizards. Finally, they magical bond with a shadow-beast, the legendary spirit of an ancient predator - whose name is kept secret, even from one's parens. From this ritual bonding - their Gauntlet, for all intent and purposes - they awaken to the full spectrum of their powers... and become Lycantropes (which they admit as a costly price yes, but don't consider as a "curse").

As the Aes Criedne are essentially focused on spiritual zoomorphism and anthropomorphism, Fieltarn uphoold their practices by studying the vestigial bonds between society and the natural. And occasionally strenghtening these "necessary bonds". Rulewise, such magic typically uses the Mentem & Animal Art to blur the lines between human emotions and animal instincts (fear, lust, protecting one's cubs/infants, dominating your rivals, sense of one's community/pack...). Fieltarn would consider such acts as "reviving our natural wisdom, for the greater good"... or exploiting "the confusion brought by their own deracination from Dana" (when in a more antagonistic mood).
And when that is not enough, calling on wild animals offers another way to remind humanity of his place and responsabilities or, conversely, to lead an endangered herd or pack away from the encroaching Dominion.

To sum up, he holds a close interest both for the wilderness and mundane worlds.

And as for other magi, he's circumspectly fascinated by them...
A small druidic tradition, the Aes Creidne actually suffered from the very hands of the Fallen House, far more than from the occasionally rampaging Flambeau, or other "true" Hermetics who just favored the later part of the "Join or Die" ultimatum. When Diedne's followers, cowardly protected by the Parma Magica, dominated the other druidic practitioners - at least, that's the version he was taught - his own tradition successfully went into hiding long before the Diedne had to (provided they did, granted). Yet, clearly overpowered, his forebearers barely preserved their own practices, and very lives, by hiding in plain sight, among or closer to the mundanes than their enemies would have guessed.
Unsurprisingly, Fieltarn's apprenticeship also had him getting good at hiding in plain sight, at the price of a feeble knowledge of the Order at first, its Houses and customs.

Yet, he wishes to change that, even more than his pater did before him.

His master, realizing that their tradition was dying and had no future in hiding anymore, was the first of their line to finally join the Order- ironically following the footstep of the collaborator, the "twice traitor" Diedne. There never have been more than a handful of wizards of the Aes Criedne, but they did not appreciate this decision. A decade later, when his pater met his final demise, killed in some obscure circumstances, Fieltarn barely escaped the same fate.
While his parens death conviced him that his pater was on the right track, Fieltarn concluded that just swearing the Oath to live as discreet peregrinators was a mistake. Ever since, he's been looking for a covenant to join in. And not just for protection, as one of his long term goal is to see the Aes Creidhne eventually fully recognized as one of the luminaries of House ex Miscellanea if not, one day, as a respectable pillar of the Order.

Still, Fieltarn hasn't found a covenant ready to overlook the stigma of his origins yet, even after two centuries without serious threat from any non-latin wizard. But his lore of the Order deepened with each rejection, and he keeps a tentative hope. Even when the shadow-wolf's urges are echoing his own frustration...

Next post, a draft of Fieltarn's character sheet, but if there's anything the Troupe would like to discuss here, please feel free to comment. Nothing is set in stone, which is also why I didn't write in a more narrative style 8)

[size=85]edit : some typos.[/size]

Provisional sheet - unfinished.

House: Ex Miscellanea. Beastcrafters tradition.
Origins : French Gender: male
Birth Place: Lembach, at the foot of the northen vosges mountains
A tone bodied man, 5’6"(~167cm), with dark hair and light maroon eyes - with an amber tint at night, that gets more eerily vivid as the moon waxes.

Str 0 Sta +1
Qck 0 Dex 0
Com +2 Pre +1
Int +1 Per +1

Free virtues : The Gift, Social Status : Hermetic Magus.

Free (from his ex Misc. Tradition) - Protean Beastcrafters :
Major Non-Hermetic Virtue : Summon Animal (cf. HoH:S, p105).
Major Hermetic Flaw : Restriction (his magic cannot target (ever) Members of the clergy(whether they are true beleivers or not), anointed kings(same remark), people with true faith or animal sanctified/protected by a Divine power).
Minor Hemetic Virtue : Deft Form : Mentem. For centuries, wizards of this Tradition had to hide in plain sight. They learnt to use some of their magical practices in more inocuous ways.

Flexible Formulaic Magic (Major) - While Protean Beastcrafters do not exhibit any direct proficiency with spontaneous magic as the Diedne would, the flexibility of their common druidic roots in nevertheless apparent in their ability to alter one spell parameters when casting a formulaic spell.
Affinity with Mentem
Affinity with Animal
Cyclic Magic (positive) : Night
Wilderness Sense
Second Sight
Animal Ken

The way that I envision this Tradition, these last two virtues might almost be considered as required virtues, or were certainly part, at least, of its teaching and mysteries-like ceremonies.

Hedge Wizard (bad rep 3 : "base urges apologist", or "suspiciously Diene like pratices" perhaps?)
Driven (minor, personality) : to foster recognition for his non-latin tradition, especially as one not being from Diedne lineage. Being the "minor" option of this flaw, I'd daresay this means that he watches and seizes any opportunities to do so, rather than striving 24/7 to create such opportunities (which would be major, methinks).
Lycanthrope (Major, supernatural) : As part of his apprenticeship, he had to voluntarilly undergo a straining ritual which bonded his nature to a "shadow beast", the spirit of a watchful wolf remembered in the celtic legends perpetuated by his tradition. The spirit flared up his Gift (or so he beleives, at least), but this bargain implied that every full moon he would lend his body to the "shadow-wolf", letting the beast roam the world once again. His own consciousness a mere onlooker at best, is then drown by predatory instincts that ruled in half-forgotten times. On the rare times that his dreams do bring indistinct memories, of whatever actions his fused alter-ego has taken, he received these with both dread and fascination.
Supernatural Nuisance (major, story). his training might not only allow him to see the ghosts of animals (to support this, I might go with second sight+animal ken+hisAffinities...or close enough), but his fate seems to have him encountering these more often than most. And as they always feel his own ability to see and hear them, some might pester him for... anything you'd think interesting. Also, at times, often (but not limited to ) a few days before the moon is full, he may also feel the shadow-wolf emotional reactions to his own interactions with other people/animals. This might be quite distracting, especially when he'd prefer to follow a less predatory course of action.
Cyclic Magic : by Day (minor, negative)

Following with abilities, Arts and spells... up to his Gauntlet so far :

[size=150]ABILITIES[/size] of...
----/ Early Childhood : (45 exp)

Adopted son of a lone forester-Guide
French 5 ---
German 1 (5)
Area Lore 2 (15)
Awareness 1 (5)
Swim 1 (5)
Athletics 1 (5)
Survival 1 (5)
Stealth 1 (5)

----/ Later Life (5-8 years old) (15x3 : 45 xp)
begins learning the ropes of his father trade, and his supernatural abilities also begin to manifest.
Awareness >2 (+10)
Survival >2 (+10)
Stealth >2 (+10)
Hunt 1 (5)
Wilderness Sense 1 (-v-)
Animal Ken 1 (-v-)
Bargain 1 (5)
Folk Ken 1 (5)

APPRENTICESHIP (8+ years old)
----/ Abilities (140 exp)

Latin 4 (50)
Magic Theory 3 (30)
Artes Liberales 1 (5)
Animal Ken >2 (+10)
Stealth >2 (+10)
Hunt >2 (+10)
Concentration 1 (5)
Finesse 1 (5)
Penetration 1 (5)
Animal Handling 1 (5)
Guile 1 (5)

During/after the Gauntlet (and taking the Oath) :
Second Sight 1 (-v-)
Parma Magica 1 (5)

+50 xp from the Virtue 'Well Traveled' :
Folk Ken >2 (+10)
Guile >2 (+10)
German >2 (+10)
Charm 2 (15)
Area Lore (...) 1 (5)

----/ Hermetic Arts (100 exp)
Cr 2 (3)
In 3 (6)
Mu 3 (6)
Pe 1 (1)
Re 4 (10)
An 10 (37 /affinity)
Me 10 (37 /affinity)

----/ Spells (120levels) (TeFo lvl) (casting ttl, at this point)
Confusion of the Number Will ReMe15 (+15 )
The Call to Slumber ReMe10 (+15)
**The Faithful Servant MuMe15 (+14)
Viper's Gaze ReAn15 (+15)
Soothe the Ferocious Bear ReAn10 (+15)
Posing the Silent Question InMe20 (+15)
**Scent of Prey InAn10 (+14)
Words of Unbroken Silence CrMe10 (+13)
Panic of the Trembling Heart CrMe15 (+13)

'**' marks a spell from the Net's Grimoire.

Gauntlet Age : 23

30 years of Advancement. This does take longer than I expected.

@Jonathan : I've yet to make Aging Rolls, as I don't know how you handle my 34th year, in this regard. I thought that 3 seasons of services, as payment for the LR, might help me find a decent LR specialist. And Fieltarn helps making the potion, as the fourth season this year.

note : in purple, spells from the net Grimoire. I used a different color as you might want to check them, see if they're legit etc.

[size=85](Edit: minor corrections.)[/size]

24_____ 15xp in Hunt >3, 15xp Animal Ken >3, 10xp Wilderness Sense >2 [size=85](letting lose the shadow-wolf)[/size]
25_____ 15xp Survival >3, 15xp ANIMAL >12size=85[/size], 5xp REGO >5, 5xp Magic Lore:1
26_____ 15 xp in Brawl:2, 15xp Carouse:2, 5xp Sp.Mast."Call of Slumber"(Mul.Cast), 5xp Sp.Mst."Confus.Numbed Will" (MC)
27_____ 15xp Guile >3, 15xp Stealth >3, 10xp Athletics >2
28_____ 20xp Stealth>4, 15xp Awareness >3, 5xp Sp.Mst"Faithful Servant"(Penetration)
29_____ 15xp Folk Ken >3, 10xp Second Sight, 15xp Mentem >12(w.aff)
30_____ 20xp Mag.Th >4, 5xp Order.o.H.:1, 5xp Code.o.H.:1, 5xp Eyes of the Cat, 5xp Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit PeMe
31_____ 25xp Animal Summoning >3, 10xp Order.o.H>2, 5 Sp.Mst"Viper's Gaze"(Mul.Cst)
32_____ 18xp MENTEM >14, 9xp ANIMAL >13, 3xp CREO, 10 Finesse >2
33_____ 10xp MENTEM >15, 10xp Parma.Mag.>2, 10xp Code.o.H.>2, 10xp Magic Lore

34_____ 3 seasons of services as payment for a renowned LR welsh specialist. 1 season helping him for creating my LR.

35_____ 25xp Concentration >3, +15 Magic Lore >3
36_____ 30xp ANIMAL >16, 10xp Shiver of the lycanthrope InAn10
37_____ 25xp Mag.Theory >5, 15xp INTELLEGO >6
38_____ 25xp The Gentle Beast ReAn25, 15xp Loss of but a moment's memory PeMe
39_____ 5xp Sp.Mst Gentle Beast (Still.Cst), 15xp Ride:2, 15 xp Parma Magica >3, 5xp Sp.Mst Posing.Silent Question(penetration)
40_____ 20xp Survival>4, 15xp Wilderness Sense>3,5xp Sp.Mst Shiver/Lycanthrope(Penetration)
41_____ 10xp Animal Handling >2, 15xp Order.o.H >3, 10xp Penetration >2, 5xp PERDO >3
42_____ 40xp REGO >10
43_____ 10xp Blink Step ReCo(teleport 5paces away), 30xp Sp.Mst Blink Step(Quiet, Still.Cst, Fast.Cst)
44_____ 20xp Mind Trick of the Tremere ReMe, 5xp Spl.Mast. Mind Trick o.t. Tremere (Fast Casting), 15xp Quid Nunc ReMe
45_____ 39xp MUTO >9, 1xp Herbam
46_____ 15xp IMAGINEM:5, 10xp Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm10, 15xp The Overheard Conversation InIm
47_____ 15xp INTELLEGO >8, 25xp Latin
48_____ 30 xp IMAGONEM >9, 10xp Wizard's Sidestep ReIm
49_____ 20xp Recall the Base Nature of Man InMe(Im), 20xp Soothe Pains of the Beast CrAn
50_____ 30 xp Mind of the Beast MuMe(An), 10xp Trackless Step ReTe
51_____ 15xp Second Sight >3, 20xp Animal Summoning >4, 5xp Sp.Mst, 5xp Sp.Mst Overheard Conversation(Still.Cst)
52_____ 28xp CORPUS:7, 1xp TERRAM, 1xp VIM, 10xp Sp.Mst Overheard Conversation(Quiet)
53_____ 25xp [i]The Beast Remade MuAn/i, 15xp Disguise of the New Visage MuCo

EDIT(2) :
54_____ 9 xp VIM >4, 1xp AURAM:1, 20xp to learn WIZARD'S COMMUNION MuVI, level 20, 10xp in Spell Mast. of "The Call of Slumber" (adding 'fast casting').

I'll re-check everything, then update the character sheet with all the total scores.

Updated Totals, at age 54 :

French (rural dialects) 5
German (rural dialects) 2
Area Lore: Vosges (Legends) 2
Area Lore: Britanny (Legends) 1
Awareness (keeping watch) 3
Swim (with clothes) 1
Athletics (running) 2
Survival (Forest) 4
Stealth (Urban Areas) 4
Hunt (tracking) 3
Wilderness Sense (directions) 3
Animal Summoning (???) 4
Animal Ken (canines) 3
Animal Handling (snakes) 2
Ride (Soothing unruly mounts) 2
Folk Ken (peasants) 3
Guile (Fast Talk) 3
Charm (first impressions) 2
Carouse (game of chance) 2
Brawl (fist) 2
Bargain (Renting his services as a Guide) 1
Magic Lore (Magical Traditions) 3
Magic Theory (Inventing Spells) 5
Latin (Hermetic Usage) 5
Order of Hermes Lore (personalities) 3
Code of Hermes Lore (mundane relations) 2
Concentration (spell concentration) 3
Finesse (casting speed) 2
Artes Liberales (ceremonial magic) 1
Penetration (Mentem) 2
Parma Magica (Corpus) 3
Second Sight (ghosts) 3

[size=150]HERMETIC ARTS[/size]
Creo 3
Intellego 8
Muto 9
Perdo 3 (edited to correct typo, xp instead of score :unamused: )
Rego 10

Animal 16
Mentem 15
Imaginem 9
Corpus 7
Vim 4 (edited 26/11)
Herbam 1, Terram 1, Auram 1
Aquam 0, Ignem 0.


Note : I made one change ; I took "Coat of a Hundred Colors" (change the target's clothes), instead of "Scent of Prey" (Both spells use Animal, are level 10, hence no learning hurdles when I learn it).

(Title).........................(casting Total) / (TeFo + Level) ... (spell mastery, if any)
Confusion of the Numbed Will +27 / ReMe15 ... 1: Multiple Casting
The Call to Slumber +28 / ReMe10 ... 2: Multiple Casting, Fast Casting
The Faithful Servant +26 / MuMe15 ... 1: Penetration
Viper's Gaze +28 / ReAn15 ... 1: Multiple Casting
Soothe the Ferocious Bear +27 / ReAn10
Posing the Silent Question +25 / InMe20 ... 1: Penetration
Coat of a Hundred Colors +26 / MuAn10
Words of Unbroken Silence +19 / CrMe10
Panic of the Trembling Heart +19 / CrMe15
Eyes of the Cat +17 / MuCo5
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit +19 / PeMe5
Shiver of the Lycanthrope +26 / InAn10 ... 1: Penetration
The Gentle Beast +28 / ReAn25 ... 1
Loss But a Moment's Memory +19 / PeMe15
Blink Step +21 / ReCo10 ... 3: Quiet, Stil Casting, Fast Casting
Mind Trick of the Tremere +27 / ReMe20 ... 1: Magic Resistance(Edit : changed 'fast casting' (duh!) for 'magic resistance' as Sp.Mastery's specialty)
Quid Nunc +26 / ReMe15
Aura of Ennobled Presence +19 / MuIm10
The Overheard Conversation +20 / InIm15 ... 2: Still Casting, Quiet
Wizard's Sidestep +20 / ReIm10
Recall the Base nature of Man +24 / InMe(An)20
Soothe Pains of the Beast +21 / CrAn20
Mind of the Beast +25 / MuMe(An) 30
Tracless Step +12 / ReTe10
The Beast Remade +17 / MuAn25
Disguise of the New Visage +17 / MuCo15
Wizard's Communion +14 / MuVi 20.............(Edited 26/10/11)

Yeah, I for some reason wrote two when I meant three above. I can't even blame mistyping there.

Since I made a mistake, I'm going to better explain my rationale. It's a matter of diminishing returns, 50 CrCo lab total is pretty easy to get to. Above and beyond that it gets significantly more difficult (and expensive) to increase the lab total. Finding a 70 isn't difficult, but it is expensive. I've been toying with turning Ra'am from Phoenix into a longevity specialist. In about 11 years (to him that would be 1224), which includes some time for adventure, finding a familiar, binding it, and getting an apprentice, with the resources available to him at Phoenix, and after refining his lab fully (+7) and installing things that specialize longevity rituals and/or creo he can get to a LT of 60 for Longevity Rituals. If the recipient is at 35 years of age, the ritual requires 7 pawns and he can add up to 13 more pawns (10x2), which gets him to a 99 and takes advantage of the familiar and two assistants who add another +20 (might be a bit high, but not unreasonable)!

Holy crap, that's better than I thought it could be.

As someone who came only recently from Ars 2nd/3rd editions, and find that LR seem to have been boosted in the 5th edition, this is even more impressive. 8)

Okay, to finalize my character :

[size=150]PERSONALITY TRAITS[/size]
Sociable +3
("[size=85]The effects of Gift? Just the regrettable consequences of mundanes having lost sense of their base nature, which we, as magi, exude more openly than the comon folks do. As for the reactions of Animals, its simple : we, too, need to balance our own conflicted nature. Granted, its the work of a lifetime, but its not a "curse" a my friend!"(smile confidently)[/size])

Conflicted toward the Church +2
([size=85]I hesitated to write : "secretly afraid of...", until I decided that he's both admiring and wary of the Church (cf his magic Restriction). Priests either gain his respect or disgust, and they are certainly the mundanes he has the hardest time to understand, despite his otherwise decent understanding of human nature (for a hermetic magus)[/size])

Pagan Beliefs +1
([size=85]which does not mean he's a proselitist... nor an idiot unaware of 1220 realities. As the relatively modest score implies, he's a bit shaky in upholding his own tradition beliefs.[/size])

Nocturnal [size=85](cf Flaws, self explanatory, right?[/size])
[b]Driven : /b Foster recognition of his Tradition, and clear its name of any "Diedne" stigma if necessary (cf Flaws)

Hedge Wizard 3
Lycanthrope 1
(both among the Order, of course. I took the liberty of adding the second one since, as we discussed with Peregrine_Bjornaer, he is neither advertising nor secretive about it ("Non, mon ami, its not a curse either!).

[size=150]AGING ROLLS - Living Conditions -1[/size]
([size=85]since he alternatively lived in the wilderness (ramshackle cabin at best), the mundanes, and guest of visited covenants, I took a "middleground" between -2/0, if that's okay[/size]).

age 35 to 40. modifiers : +4(age) +1 living conditions -14 LR = -9
1d10-9 > [6,-9] = (-3)>No apparent aging
1d10-9 > [9,-9] = (0)
>No apparent aging
1d10-9 > [2,-9] = (-7)>No apparent aging
1d10-9 > [6,-9] = (-3)
>No apparent aging
1d10-9 > [7,-9] = (-2)>No apparent aging
1d10-9 > [4,-9] = (-5)
>No apparent aging

41 to 49. modifiers : +5(age) +1 living conditions -14 LR = -8
1d10-8 > [6,-8] = (-2)>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [8,-8] = (0)
>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [7,-8] = (-1)>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [9,-8] = (1)
>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [6,-8] = (-2)>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [3,-8] = (-5)
>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [4,-8] = (-4)>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [2,-8] = (-6)
>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [5,-8] = (-3)>No apparent aging
1d10-8 > [9,-8] = (1)
>No apparent aging

50 to 54. modifiers : +6(age) +1 living conditions -14 LR = -7
1d10-7 > [0,-7] = (-7)>No Apparent aging
1d10-7 > [6,-7] = (-1)
>No apparent aging
1d10-7 > [0,-7] = (-7)>No Apparent aging
1d10-7 > [3,-7] = (-4)
>No apparent aging

Note : I've also edited the Advancement post, above, to add his 54th year.

  • H.

Ok. Everything looks good here, I have only one suggestion. Allow me to micromanage you a bit? :smiley:

This character (to me) is screaming for the virtue Inoffensive to Animals. Remember, your Gift affects animals, too, and though you can summon them, when they figure out who's calling them, they probably won't like it. Animal Handling (like Charm or Etiquette, but for Animals) is at a 2, come is 2, and -3 for effects of the gift gives you a +1 to die rolls when communicating. If you have Inoffensive to Animals, you're at an effective +4 for rolls, and won't have any negatives for your Gift (except for the language barrier of Animal Ken at 3).

Remember, the Gift can have serious problems on first time interactions, especially with beings who you don't know.

hehe, sure.

I considered this, and I'm not disagreeing with your points. While I'm still not sure about what I'm about to blaber about (you didn't react when I first mentioned it), I noted that as written in HoH:S the Summoning ability indirectly implies that for initial interaction with summoned animal, this supernatural ability sort of bypass, or temporarilly "mute" the offensive effect of the Gift :

Nevertheless, I agree that even if you'd accept this (?), this doesn't prevent the Gift from disturbing animal for any other kind of interaction. So, okay, I'll take the suggested virtue, np. 8)

Now (sorry I'm long, I know :blush: ), looking at whichever minor virtue I may ditch in favor of Inoffensive to Animal, I see two candidates : Cycle Magic(night), or Great Traveler. I initially took the later for flavor more than anything else (since it gives 50xp, or about a mere 30th of Fieltarn's post Gauntlet peregrinations). I also, mistakenly it appears, assumed that Well Traveled was on equal footing with its 2nd edition version. It's not anymore (and honestly is now sort of a let-down, in comparison, but I digress). So, even if removing Cycle magic would be simpler, I like it and I'll rather ditch Well-Travelled then, even if I now have to re-shuffle some of my scores, naturally.

Is this change okay with you?

Here's a tool we can both use...

Already bookmarked 8)

Quick questions:

I notice a couple of differences between what you have here and what's on your Obisidian Portal character sheet:

  • Finesse: 1 or 2?
  • German: 1 or 2? (On this one, you spent points out of your Well Traveled on German, too)

Also, did you mean to have a Spell Mastery on The Gentle Beast? You have 1 but no special ability.

The Obsidian Portal shows the right, updated version. So, that's 1 for Finesse and German both.
(Well Travelled was ditched in favor of Unoffensive to Animals, hence some re-shuffling of points.)

I don't know why I didn't precise the spell mastery option for Gentle Beast, since yes, I did choose one : still casting. cf "30 years of advancement post, above" :