Final Twilight?

This seems to imply that intelligent Great Beasts are even less common than I originally thought.

Though can Beasts of Virtue act as Mystagogues?

The rules say they can (full stop). It also states that most great beast retain intelligence which was mentioned above. Int/Cunning is weird… i mean I can get way more information with Animal ken than a rat could likely actually tell me if we knew the full language of rats and could communicate that way but it makes a better game, IMO, if we can. Also, remember, you’re approaching this magical animal as a “normal” animal of its type, not as a Bjornaer, sorta.

Great Beasts can act as Mystagogues, and most (but not all) Great Beasts retain their Intelligence.

Regular Beasts of Virtue are just animals (though highly magical, and possibly intelligent animals) and thus don't know anything about any Mysteries.

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