Finally after a long Ars hiatius

I'll be starting a new game in the Rhine tribunal. I've been running AM since I discovered it back when 3rd ed was the printing. I ran 4th and some of 5th when it came out, but stopped for several years. It will feel good to run this again. Two players have played before, one was in my 4th edition game and has some experience. The other has a little when I ran 5th the other two are completely new.

I'll use the curse of the Rhine gorge as I think that will be best to start from the ground up. Plus I really enjoy running start up struggling covenants. So has anyone here done basic work ups of the covenant sites listed in that saga? Who has run the Rhine gorge here and how did it go?

I'm sorry I cannot help for your main question.

I'd like to give an advice regarding "those who have played old editions": be sure to state and stress the innovations and differences between editions. Players of my IRL group who have played old editions have a tendancy to confuse rules and remember old editions rules as current rules... which, seen the differences between editions - which I only know from what I read on those forums and about which we spoke a little between us - is not a good thing because it is not correct.

Penetration is a big deal between 4th and 5th (I don't remember 3rd and my ex retained possession of the book).

There were a couple of PbPs here that were based on the Rhine, might want to have a peak at those for some hints. In my experience everyone has vastly different takes on what an NPC covenant looks like, and they are often shaped to the needs of the saga. What I might have wouldn't work for you, and vice versa. I worked up Durenmar for my Bibracte game, and I worked up a slightly different one for another game, and changed it again when I was a beta SG for yet another game.

Indeed, going in with 4th edition preconceptions could cripple a 5th edition character.