Finally up to date! :)

I buy a bunch of AM books once a year, and I think I am now up to date having received my Thanksgiving bunch.

Meesa loves da bombad internets

Glad to hear. I still haven't finished reading Mythic Locations yet, but hope to have it completed before the next book arrives!

I have not started reading ML yet.

I started F&F, got most of the way through TME, noticed the EXTREMELY LARGE FONTs in Hooks, finally bought Calebais 5e, for some reason did not receive a mythic africa book :slight_smile: and have yet to try Netrunner.... which has little to do with AM. Unless....

Dammit mine are still in gift wrap !

When I get stuff for myself, I don't have to wait. Not even for Chanukka. (I think I'll adopt the practice of spelling Hanuka every different legitimate way, just as I've done for Qabala. :slight_smile:/242345)

Almost there. The Church still is in my FLGS´s stock, and Mythic Africa is not available yet anyway, but other than that and the Grand Tribunal board game, I´m up to date with fifth edition. Also, I´ve got 4th and 3rd complete, and most of the older stuff as well. I´m only missing the first Ed. rules and the Bats of Mercille, and two of the original Atlas Games booklets, I think.

Now I only need a year off to read all that stuff - and all the other RPG stuff in my collection...