Finding Magic in the Ground


Using the scenario Root of All Evil as inspiration, the group has found a small grove with plants that are a vis source. The plants contain vis, though, because of a buried item that is radiating magic and has infused the plants. The goal is for the group to find the buried item.

I figure an InVi spell, using scent, will enable the group to find the buried item. I am wondering if there would be any other way.



It requires a fairly high level effect, but Intellego/Terram could be used to see through the earth itself to the item below.

Of course, for the players to attempt this they'd first have some reason to think that their vis source was the result of a magic item and your proposed spell seems adequate for that. I would, however, warn that if the players realize that digging up the treasure will deprive them of a Vis source they might choose to leave it down there...

That is one of the challenges they face in this story. They definitely have an interest in the item in the ground. And they will definitely want a renewable vis source.

Oh the challenges that players face. :slight_smile:

That's twisted and evil.

I like it.

Maybe an InTe can tell you more about that item to decide to exhume.

You remind me while kult Sg... i still love that ordeals.