Finesse grogs

I had an idea...

The industrial revolution created the engineer, a person capable of operation machines.

In mythical Europe, many covenants use items that depend on the finesse of the user. It is likely that there are grogs who spend years with such items, acquiring a high score, which is taught to the next generation. These specialists are probably better at finesse than most magi (who spend their time on lab projects) and are well-treated, because they are valuable.

Only the most trusted of these will be handed items that can be used as weapons (vilano effects ignore parma and are really dangerous in the wrong hands).

Thoughts? Comments?

For sure.

If following Art & Academe rules, I also see lots of covenants employing a cadre of alchemists and astrologers to do "minor" magic and divinations; doctors would be present in the mundane world, but these types could use the protection of the covenant, and can offer minor magics in return.

Vilano effects are not very common IMS. Stuff that does NOT require any supernatural ability to use is way more common. These include POF wands and rings, invisibility cloaks, eye of the cat and nose of the hound and ears of the guardian are also common, extra tough shields (warded vs metal) and camping gear that produces useful effects. Now that I have seen it in the forum, backpacks that allow for massive amounts of weightless cargo will be common as well. :wink: Vilano effects? Nope.

None of those require finesse.

Finesse related items are used in the covenant, but these are not combat capable things. Gloves with unseen arm (with higher Str factors) and similar effects are the ones being used here to haul stones and heavy cargo. They tend to be construction workers more than anything. At least IMS high precision work is done by skilled laborers, not by quasi-mages


I'm talking about doing this right now in Bibracte. Stone Cutting Knives and Porter Gloves to train them up in Finesse on a project that needs to be done anyway. Then they can get "Vilano's Blowgun" or something.

I made a simple magic item "A wand that moves Rocks" it basically does an Unseen porter spell on small rocks. High uses per day and grogs, apprentices or others can use it to practice Finesse as well as Concentration, which is its Duration. Useful for the Grogs that use magic items.

I'm a multi-tasker, myself. If I'm going to equip my grogs with a device that lets them train finesse that isn't the Vilano-school weapon they should be training with, then I want that season of Finesse training to accomplish something. Like, quarrying and dressing stone, or rebuilding a wall by with your Rocking Wand.