fixing Arcane connections and Caster's sigils

I realise that fixing an Arcane Connection is a lab activity taking a Season, and shouldn't involve spell casting.
However, I expect that an InVi examination of a fixed arcane connection should show evidence of the sigil of the mage who fixed the arcane connection.

Does anybody know if there anything in canon that would counter this expectation of mine?

IIRC that issue is not adressed.

However, since sigil appears in magical things, and that arcane connection is not a magical thing by itself (the only magical thing in it is that it allows to use arcane range spell), I'd say: no sigil so you can't know who fixed an arcane connection to you.

You would have to define the InVi guidelines to achieve this yourself - best after some discussion with your troupe.

Consider then, whether you wish to detects sigils with InVi also

  • for a magus Investigating Enchantments (ArM5 p.100),
  • for a magus extracting or transfering raw vis,
  • for a magus opening an item for another magus to instill effects in,
  • for a Verditius who has made HoH:MC p.124f Items of Quality,
  • or for one who did some HoH:MC p.125ff Reforging Enchanted Items of items made by other magi,
    and other such lab work.