Flammability of oil

Although if you look in medieval bestiaries, the salamander was actually a creature that extinguished fire, not created it! It was cold to the touch and would be an awesome PeIg familiar.

Yep, true. If you look at Erik Tyrrell's character, he has a Salamander familiar (Artisano). I am searching for a small drake somewhere to act as reference, but have not found it yet. RoP:M mentions serpents, drakes and worms that would fall in this category, but only a pair of references are provided (Scytalys and Vrakos) that are not exactly what I am searching for. Will keep searching :slight_smile:


In Greek mythology, the Chimera breathed fire, so that's an option if you want to stay with the classics.

I'm not too sure which dragons in which mythologies actually breathed fire (as opposed to just having a venomous bite or other powers). But there is bound to have been some.