Flawless Magic at character creation

If you take Flawless magic at character creation does that mean all the starting spells you begins the game with are mastered, or just the spells you learn it invent during game play???


Serf's parma, but I'd say every spell you begin with. I'm stuck as designated Storyguide until November or so but that doesn't stop me from contantly designing characters in my head. One of the most tempting "builds" would be a character who takes flawless magic and the mastered spells virtue twice - level one mastery in everything and two hundred bonus xp for spell mastery fun. (I could then over do it worse by making them a verditious and getting them the enchanted casting tools virtue).

Salve sodales!

The answer is simple: Yes! Darius ex Flambeau is gifted with this virtue and at least for him it applies to all of his spells including the ones learned during apprenticeship.


Alexios ex Miscellanea