flexible formulaic magic


I was wondering, with this virtue, when i have some spell at eye, sun group.

I can go to voice, or moon or conc or diam or structure.

But, can i go to touch AND to moon? (because touch = eye, so no magnitude required, and moon is only +1 magnitude to sun, so i respect the +1 magnitude up or down from the virtue?)

In other words,
A) can i "freely" use the touch range (i think that's yes)
B) a "free" change (eye<=>touch) is it the only change i can do, or can i ALSO use a "5 levels up or down" change?

I think i have a change to +5 or -5 levels, and it doesnt matter HOW this change are done, so these changes are good:

a spell i know at touch, sun ind can be moved to touch ring circle (= 0 change magnitude)
a spell i know at sight, conc room can be moved to sight diam structure.

What do you think?

Well, I looked at the entry for FFM, and it doesn't seem to have anything against what you are doing... it says you can only raise or lower one dimension, and you are only raising one but changing another. It doesn't say what to do about changes between Eye and Touch, Concentration and Diameter, Sun and Ring, Group and Room, and such. Whether or not that is possible, and counts as a significant change, should probably be up to the storyguide. Because I don't know, I could see it going either way. The virtue is already really good, but hopefully it will be clarified more by the authors someday.

By the way, can you even cast an eye-range spell on a group of people?

You could potentially get several people as once, 2 usually but if there are all eyes on you, you could potentially get 3-5 by shifting your eyes during casting.

Eye group is good for flexible formulaic folks since you can change it to personal, touch, circle, voice.

THanks for answers! :slight_smile:

My reading is that you can "raise or lower one (only) of Range, Duration, and Target by one step," (AM 42) regardless of whether the change adds, subtracts, or doesn't affect the magnitude.

Same here