Fluid Vis, Congealed Vis & ReVi

So skimming through RoP Magic I saw the Vis present in Magic auras was referred to as Fluid Vis and actual usable pawns of Vis was called Congealed. (Nobles Parma a friend borrowed a few books last night so I can't double check) It got me thinking about the ReAq guideline that lets you change the state of a liquid to a solid or gas. Rego can change things from a stable natural state into another stable natural state, that is what it does. So it might be possible for spell magic to congeal fluid vis into the usable form without lab work. This would use ReVi instead of CrVi.

Ok bad idea. Really bad idea, give players an instant I need vis button. Still it' would be an interesting effect one you might build a story on. The trick would be to allow it but keep it a bad idea within the story. Make it really hard but with the potential to still be profitable then have it create problems.

So new guideline.

ReVi Level 75 Congeal some of the Fluid Vis present in a Magic Aura into 1 pawn of Vim Vis.

There are a couple of obvious disadvantages to this guideline. First it's damn high so you need to be a specialist's specialist to make use of it.(Note: The level should be adjusted to whatever qualifies for damn high IYS) Second it's damn high, ritual magic high, so to cast it you'd have to spend a boat load of Vis just to get one pawn.

Less obvious is that as I wrote it, I would require it to be used with either Target:Part or Boundary to work at all. So your talking a minimum level of 90 to make it. Also as a hidden danger the use of this effect results in an immediate roll on the Aura Weakening Chart from RoP:Magic.

So here's a Hook for this Guideline.
Since the time of Founders Magi have discussed the possibility of Congealing Vis out of Auras with spell magic instead of cumbersome and time consuming lab work. Many claim it to be impossible. Others say it is just very very hard and likely use more vis then it would produce. In his tome the Art of Magic Bonisagus himself warns that the Lab is the only safe place to work with magic on such a primal level.

For these reasons serious research into this effect is rare. However it is said that during his research into Aegis of the Hearth Notatus (Nobles Parma on spelling) accidentally created a ritual spell that could produce a single pawn of vis. No one is sure if he ever cast it though. If this his true a copy of his lab text still be around.

An Verditius with some contact with the player characters wants them to obtain a copy of this lab text so he may try to make a Vis producing item.The problem is the librarians at the Great Library of Durenmar are fearful of the nature of his work, and have refused him access to Notatus's texts. He offers a fabulous reward if the player characters can find him a copy.

The obvious answer would be that it severely reduces or at minimum damages the aura whenever you "steal" Vis from it.
Might even say that its such a nasty thing to do that every time you do it, beyond destroying or reducing the Magic Aura, you may actually even create an Infernal Aura as well. :smiling_imp:

There are already rules in RoP: Magic for how distilling vis from auras weakens the aura - this would surely have the same effect.
You could also read the section in HoH: True Lineages on Colentes Arcanorum (in the Bonisagus chapter), which is a canon way to have research and Hermetic knowledge supressed.