Flying with Rego Corpus

I just discovered that I can find no examples in the books of someone using Rego Corpus to fly, but I do not see why it could not be done. Is there any reason a Magus could not create a level 15 Rego Corpus spell to move himself in any direction, basically flying? It seems a more direct method than using Aurem.

See Mercury's Winged Sandals from Transforming Mythic Europe p111.
It is exactly what you ask for.


Thank you. I had totally missed that one.

Arguably it gives better control. But doesn't protect you in any way as you fly. So I try to (purely judging on the fly usually(ahem)) remember that the faster someone is going with it, without some sort of air and/or temperature controlling additional effects, the more exposure they are going to suffer from the air itself etc.


Is heating from drag in paradigm?

Heating from friction would be, but I expect it would be rare in Europe for anything to have gone fast enough back in the thirteenth century for drag to have produced more heat than would have been removed by convection due to the same speed, therefore I very much doubt that heating from drag is part of the paradigm.
Looked at in a different way the element of fire would need some way to enter the body at high speed- apparently friction "stirs up heat" in the body (which may be generative, similar to the way air refreshes by movement) even at low levels like a massage, so it wouldn't be impossible...


Have to agree. Consider the fastest things they had. Golden eagles and peregrine falcons in a stoop go pretty fast, but no worries about getting burned up. I'm not sure they recognized how fast the end of a bullwhip moves, but again, no worries about getting burned up.

Now, getting buffeted by the wind and knocked about is familiar to anyone who has been in really high winds.


Yeah this was mostly what I was thinking, just too lazy to organize my thoughts. I think it stands to reason that wind probably has a large effect on you when your flying, it's common to see birds on the wing blowing about a bit in winds that don't really bother pretty much anything walking on the ground

A float spell combined with a wind spell is one approach. A more powerful Move Around spell is another, and probably safer. Depends on specialties.