Fog Imaginem/Auram

Inspired by a couple of posts that mixed into a alchemical potion of interesting, I come to the board with this topic.

Wizard uses Cr/Au to make a fog bank. Being that this fog is magically created, it would obscure the sight of target wizard no matter Parma?

Or does the fog since it is magical, require penetration to cloud the vision of the target magus?
((One could also ask if you create a blinding light Cr/Ig does it actually blind the target magi or does it have to penetrate. Or does it do no harm, instead simply obscures the targeted sorcerer's ability to see? Or does it simply do nothing at all to the target if it does not penetrate?))

Now substitute Cr/Im to make species of sight that looks like fog. Created species is real and thus not rebuked by Parma.
((if you create the Cr/Im image of the sun will it be impossible to look through? Cr/Im the image of the sun off a mirror or metal, that horrible all consuming blindness that comes from the glare of a reflected sun! :smiley: ))

Now comes the moment where how you created the fogging fogness matters, if you use True Sight of the Air (or whatever the name of your In/Au spell is that allows your wizard to see through fog) does this spell only work in the Cr/Au fog but is useless in the Cr/Im species of fog? Does this In/Au spell need to overcome the Cr/Au spell? Can the In/Au simply seemed to have failed to the wizard if they are using it against the Cr/Im fog bank?

Ahhh the magnificent nature of Ars Magica!!!

It will obscure the vision. The fog will not touch a magus with an active parma, but will stop a mere few inches away from him/her. Around him there will still be plenty of fog so he will have problems seeing.

A nice spell for an elementalist is to do that and muto the fog into a bank of fire afterwards. :slight_smile: Muto is great for an elementalist.


Yes, magical creations still shed non-magical species, which are not blocked by parma (otherwise anything magical would be invisible to a parma-protected magus!).

Exactly, no harm is done, but it would indirectly impair the wizard's ability to see by obscuring anything behind it.
Keep in mind that, unless an Ignem requisite is added, Imaginem cannot create light. So the illusion of a source of light appears bright, but does not illuminate its surroundings.

It would be impossible to look through; however, it would not cause harm. In fact, without an Ignem requisite it would fail to provide even the weakest illumination. Also, keep in mind that CrIm must take size into account; thus without extra magnitudes, the brightest thing you could create would be something that looks as bright as a bright bonfire.

Indeed. An InIm spell would see through the illusion though.

I'm not sure what you mean by "overcome". It does not have to beat its Penetration.


But another way of "blinding" a target with IMaginem is given in HoH:S pg 68. The spell An Enemy awash in the Pure Sigil of the Magus. CrIm15 "This spell washes the target with concentrated visible species, overloading the eyes. It requires no Finesse roll, because species do not construct an image...The victim's eyes recover 2 minutes after the spell is completed or in a round if the victim thinks to close his overburdened eyes when first struck by the spell."

I should add that this would be blocked by PM since it is magically created species rather than natural.

Lol, so now it´s even canon that Im can hurt...

No to mention the MuIm(Co) that turns you into species for mom duration. Speed of light disintegration et al.


A minor quibble: it's MuCo(Im), rather than MuIm(Co).

Printed validation... the years-long conflict has been ended, with Ars reaffirmation. :laughing:

Imaginem might just become the tool for every occasion. Hahaha

Actually no. Most of the conflict was started with the printing of HOH:S since quite a few people consider it debatable that imaginem can do what the authors say. So I would say it is the other way around.


Ah so it was nothing more than a feint and the real attack is coming in from the skirting move towards the supply line.

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