Follow-up to FS2 introductory adventure

I am currently working on a follow-up adventure to "Shadow of the Future of the Apes" (wich I called "Days of Future Blast", not to spoil the monkeys) for my group und now I would like your input, to turn it to 11. My working title is

[size=150]"Enter the Dragons"[/size]

SotFotA played out much as planned, except for the very end when two characters timebomb'ed themselves back to 1850 (which we learned in a post-credit scene, those characters won't be around this time). They didn't get the Dragons' lair, Johnny Zhu is still in hospital.

The Cast
Ex-SF: seriously hates monkeys since the last adventure
Private Investigator: looking for her lost lover, who disappeared into the martial arts scene
Spy (new): sent by her superiors (i.e. Draco, but she doesn't know that) to infiltrate the new dragons

  • two other characters I don't know yet.

1st Fight
Characters are in hospital for some buy-in reason/about to visit Johnny. The king of the Fire Pagoda has learned about the mishap of the old Dragons and sends a death squad to finish them off.
As they didn't fight in the hospital last time, I plan to use that location this time.
Opponents: Fire fanatics, a sorceror, middle-eastern terrorist mooks
Twist: when they open the door to Johnny's room, they see him being shot by an opponent who flees through the window up a fire escape. Up on the roof he is being shot by a Pledged agent (or perhaps Death Shadow from Back for Seconds).

Connective Tissue
The agent links them up with Draco via video chat. After an apology because his agent was to late to save Johnny, he introduces himself a friend and financier of the Dragons, who is interested in protecting the present from outside forces. He offers to help them take revenge for Johnny and provides them with superficial information on the Secret War and a way to the Netherworld lounge, The Octogon, where the driving force behind the attack, one of Li Ting's leutenants, is currently located. Through one of the Ascended portals in the city they get to the Netherworld for the first time and follow directions to the Octogon.

2nd Fight
In the Octogon they get to socialize with other Innerwalkers. In attendence are some Jammers, waiting for said leutenant, because they want to negotiate with Li Ting about capturing feng shui sits to undo the C-Bomb. The leutenant doesn't show up, but he sends a replacement ambassador. Somehow a fight will break out, either started by the players, because there are monkeys (the players don't know that there is a difference between Jammers and the Simians from the first adventure), or because they are recognized.
Classic allout barroom brawl, including the fight pit, Mirrors, bottles, pissed of regulars etc.
Twist: PI will find a poster announcing a fight between her lost lover and somebody else, which will clue her in, that he was an innerwalker, too.

Connective Tissue
After the opponents are down, chairs are righted, backs are patted and the characters will be banned from the Octogon for some time for starting a fight. From Li Ting survivors they can learn that the Leutenant is actually celebrating his victory on his yacht in Hong Kong Harbor. From the plans the Jammers were supposed to receive, it is obvious that something goes down on a rocky island, but in 1850. So they can decide, if they want to go for Revenge for Johnny or to do something against the monkeys in the past.

3rd Fight
Revenge: Fight on a really big yacht with people going overboard, demons being summoned, and a final big explosion. PCs can come in by speed boats, helicopter or another way of their choosing. Leutenant has weapon smugglers as guests, so there will be more than one yacht and they can make enemies with the triads, too.

Monkeys: If they go to the past, they get to stop the Jammers preparing to attune to the island. Chasing through woods, fights in the trees, scroungetech and mutations.
Twist: Mid-fight the Simians show up (using time grenades to teleport in, but those aren't reliable) to spoil the Jammers fun. The PCs get to sort out, which monkeys to fight and might learn that one of the factions tries to save 5 billion lives...

Input is much appreciated!