For those who like esoteric Mysteries

Hey folks,

Just wanted to set up a topic for the folks that like and use esoteric mysteries in their sagas. There is another topic for you if you want to debate the utility and authenticity of the esoteric mysteries or thier mechanics and some good points are being made on both sides. I'm not invested in previous editions of the game, however, and neither am I well schooled on Medieval "feel" or "paradigm" (whatever that means) so I don't feel I can contribute effectively to the debate raging on other pages. For me, it is a neat way to make characters more special and unique on top of the virtues and flaws chosen at character generation and so I plan to use the rules.

However, I am looking to create a couple mystery cults that are not in TMRE or elsewhere and might modify a few of the ones that are written and I was wondering if anyone might be interested in that sort of discussion. Therefore, think "homage" instead of "plagarism" if you see strong points of commonality with previously written work. I really liked a lot of what I've read.

Anyway, I would be happy to read about other folks' experience in creating their own cults ((insert joke here!)) and give and receive constructive criticism on what folks are willing to share.

So, one thing that I'm working on with one player is a that his magus is the last of a dying tradition of shapechangers. His mater is/was Ex Misc and was killed in a Wizard's War by Urgen in in the Rhine Tribunal. She was highly secretive, though, so Urgen didn't know that she had an apprentice that she shuffled off two weeks after the declaration arrived via Redcap.

The Major Virtue/Minor Virtue/Major Flaw package that he got as a result of his apprenticeship is Shapechanger/Inoffensive to Animals/Blatant Gift and is sufficient to start him down the road. His mater, knowing her inevitable demise at Urgen's hand, gave him two initiation scripts and her (perhaps, "the") last work on Forestwalker Lore. The Lore book describes a "proper order" for the two initiations and hints at deeper knowledge.

The first initiation yields Animal Ken at the expense of Deficiency in Mentem. I was thinking that part of the script would include a quest of finding a Magical animal that can speak and act as interpreter with mundane beasts of it kind and living with the at animal for a time AS that animal (quest, sacrifice of time, sympathetic bonus) and then offering the magical beast a potion of significance to it (sacrifice of magical resources).

The second initiation I'm still waffling on but right now I'm thinking that Affinity with Animal would be appropriate. The script would include a bonus from previous ordeal, sacrifice of magical resources (several pawns of Animal vis devoted to study, but the insight gained is the Affinity, not the XP), as well as a quest to find the vis.

The deeper knowledge is the trick. The book of lore talks about understanding the deeper connections of the "voice, breath, blood, and bones of the woods" and would lead to a major virtue (previously suggested in this forum) similar to the Elemental Magic virtue but instead of the four elements, the Forms would be Animal, Auram, Aquam, and Herbam. A good Major sacrifice for this would be Necessary Condition (not inside a city) with four quests to befriend Magic spirits associted with each Form mentioned. FInding the script will be tough. It exists, but the player will have to do a fair amount of Magic Lore research/study to find where it might be.



My only thought at this time is that you may want to have some sort of mystagogue still around to make guidance easier. One of your first scripts can be to find him/her/it (I'm thinking magical animal or maybe a talking forest - in the right glade, the wind brings the voices of the trees).

Ooo. I like that. The initiation in the major will require a Mystagogue of some type (or a modified script) but those are great ideas.

In a related vein, I'm wondering if there are a bunch (or even just a few) orphan initiation scripts out there disguised as Magic Lore tractatus or Magic Theory tractatus with an attached Creo Vim ritual casting tablet or lab text.

Anyway, has anybody used Legion of Mithras as written in their saga? If not, what mods were made and why?