Form of The Ghost: How to design this spell?

I'm wondering how a spell to turn someone into a ghost might be constructed. What sort of prerequisites would be used? MuCo(Me)? I've seen some folks use Auram on the spells wiki due to the insubstantial baseline, but I'm a bit unclear.

I think the base 30 "change a person into an insubstantial object" guideline would be just right. I wouldn't give the created ghost any might and although I can't think of any (treat the person as might 0 and don't subject him to might ripping spells), there might be some odd rules loopholes to being a ghost without might.

I think Calebais mentions using MuXx(Me) to change normal things into ghostly things. I agree with Erik, the MuCo 30 guideline should be right, with Mentem as the requisite. No Might is gained, of course, and the target becomes substantial to other ghosts but insubstantial to almost everything else. Go up and punch Pitsdim in the nose! (Wait, on second thought, don't do that.)

For the record:

  1. I agree woith the others.

  2. Actually one of our grogs (a sergeant) did just that. Only that he slapped Pitsdim for acting like a child/recruit instead of punching him. He actually survived since pitsdim was so surprised at being slapped that did not roast him outright and we managed to beat a hasty retreat. It was quite hilarious.

Awesome est. :slight_smile:

You can also use Perdo Corpus. Base 40 allows you to elimitate one property of a person, such as their weight or solidity.
You can also use Imaginem to create or project a ghostly image.

I suggest stabbing the person through the heart very quickly. Then bury him without a Christian burial.

Works every time.

I agree, we always need more persons without Christian burials. Just not enough decent corpses/ghosts around, always having to make my own. Such a drain on resources.

As always it's not just a fad, necromancy is a way of life.

Just be patient, the Mongols are coming... Tens of thousands of pagans, murdering their way through Europe, and they don't give Christian burials to their victims. The only thing that slows them down is when their Khan back in Mongolia dies, then they go back to elect the next one. But I'm sure you can find a way to fix that, even if it means actually keeping someone alive :smiling_imp: