Form Resistance

Does anyone know what Form Resistance does? It's a magical quality listed under Axudad the Deathstalker Scorpion of Virtue, as Ignem Resistance. The book is Between Sand and Sea - Mythic Africa.

Check p. 40 of Realm of Power: Magic


Many thanks. I have just checked out the entry in RoPM. There's a corresponding ability of Ignem Resistance.

See ArM5 p.85 Magic Resistance:

Hermetic magi have a base MagicResistance equal to their score in the Form most applicable to the spell cast. In case of doubt, Vim is a safe default. Thus, a maga attacked with magical fire would have Magic Resistance at least equal to her Ignem score.

Also any magus with hermetic arts gains a soak bonus against attack from objects of that form equal to art/5.
So Terram 11 gives you +2 soak against metal or stone attacks. I think it is also on P85 but the rulebook is out of reach

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