Former Tremere Primus?

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After many years of wanting to run an Ars Magica campaign I am finally starting one in the year 1200. I have a pc Tremere and while reading True Lineages it mentions that in 1220 Poena is the prima, but that the previous primus/prima retired in 1218. I cannot find any reference to who this was (perhaps I am not looking hard enough). Is there any reference to this magus anywhere?

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That should have been Unamo (see The Order of Hermes - that is ArM2 - p.107).


It should be noted that ArM5 completely overwrote the previous setting. The primus in ArM4 was one "Roto".
[strike]There is no reference to the name previous Tremere primus in ArM5 products[/strike].
I'm wrong. Apparently it's one "Umno" (HoH:TL, p.122)

It certainly did not promise to preserve it it.
But it was very gentle with ArM2 Houses of Hermes: e. g. Urgen from p.62, Immanola from p.80, Andru from p.87, Insatella from p.92, Vinaria from p.97, Arliandus from p.103, Bulistie from p.113 (as Buliste in HoH:S p.71) and Imanitosi from p.118 still play their roles as predecessors or even as sitting Primi in 1220 ArM5.
The reason is, that ArM2, also still sometimes called affectionately the OTE, is set a few years before 1200, and could be easily mined to provide some recent history to ArM5. So if Thespian needs a name and background for the previous Tremere Primus, Unamo fits well with the others that also hail straight from ArM2 Houses of Hermes.

And as ArM4 starts in 1220 already and was in general not treated so gently, Roto in ArM5 was indeed overwritten with Poena.


HoH:TL mentions Umno as the previous Primus on page 122 in the last sentence of the Burning Acorn Vexillation subsection.


Thanks everyone for such a thorough response. I did not expect any less. Umno or Unamo both are good.