Forms And Material Bonues

Does anyone have a list of Form and Materials Bonues from earlier editions?

4th edition core rulebook has a couple of pages of them and that is available for a free download.
Wizard's Grimoire, also 4th ed, has another 4 pages of them.
The 3rd ed rulebook also has 2 pages of them.

Most haven't changed much, so why not just use the ones for 5th ed (free download from Atlas)? Many people develop extra ones of their own anyway.


sorry, didnĀ“t read correctly ^^

I believe I have a collected list somewhere, with all 4th ed from core rulebook and WGRE. Feel free to PM me, and I'll look in the old archives after one.

Atlas has a seven-page long list of shape and material bonuses, and it is indeed available as a free download. You can find it here.