Forum-Berklist overlap?

Are you on Berklist as well?

  • Yes, and I post regurlarly
  • Yes, but I only read or post very seldom
  • No, Berklist's scary
  • What's Berklist?

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Just curious, how many of you allready on this forum also subscribes (and contributes) to the Berklist?
The Delphi forum seemed to enjoy a lessurly existence paralell with the Berklist. Does anyone think that moving the forum to phpBB is going to affect "the balance"?
I was checking out both Berklist and the Delphi forum, but I actually feel better about a phpBB forum than Delphi forum, (so Yippy! And YEAH for the move!!) But I was wondering if we might se a siphoning of traffic from Berklist to here now? Saying that might be like svearing in church to some of you, but I mean no offense, just theorizing.

I post rarely, but read fairly regularly. I voted "rarely".

Never heard of it. :stuck_out_tongue:



I used to post fairly regularly to the BerkList; nowadays I primarily audit the list.

Sometimes there are some very interesting discussions, and certainly the flamewars of the past seem to have tamped down :wink:

These two facts aren't related are they? :slight_smile:

LOL! Who knows?

Of late, however, there have been some very interesting debates on the BerkList. Should appeal to a wide range of tastes, from history afficianados to rules tinkerers. :slight_smile:

I vaugely recall reading the Berk list in college-roughly 10 years ago. The number of posts was insane and I simple couldn't keep my mail empty so I stopped reading. I've been gunshy ever since, though a lot of interesting material was always found there. I suppose I could look at it again. I dunno. I like this forum, it seems to satsify my Ars fix.


Actually I consider the Berklist scary.

Too much material for my brain....
Very, very scary.
May the vis will be with you!

You're replies are very interesting, and 25 of you have ansvered, which is great.
From the results as they stand now I see that 72%of you read Berklist, that is perhaps more than I would have suspected. It would be interesting to se those nunbers again after a couple of months, to see if the ratio shifts.

Well i have been on the Berk-list about 02 years iirc.
So i missed the great Flame Wars of the Nineties.

All those who are scared of the Berk-list are
Big , Cowardy Custards ( :stuck_out_tongue: )
and must surely be much more Flame Retardant by now. :slight_smile:

Traffic has dropped off something chronic on the List.
It picks up when a new sourcebook is released , but drops way back afterwards.

Worth checking out to add a bit extra to the already quality stuff you get on these Fora.

I'm subscribed to the berklist, but almost never post. I find most of the topics there a bit too esoteric for me, but there are rare gems as well.

I wonder how people would view paralell posting on Berklist and here. Is it.... frowned upon and iritatating. Or is it just.... prudent, in order to cover a larger audience?

And the poll has tilted slightly in the direction of non-Berklisters.
69% of you say that you read or post to Berklist. And 29% of you do not. Hmmm... that leaves 2% in limbo? How strange!

No mate , it leaves 02% of us in [color=darkblue]Twilight. :mrgreen:

Heh, yeah that must be it. Hope it's not final twilight :open_mouth:
And the ratio is now 68% / 30%, with 2% still in twilight. But 2% of 29 people, what's that? About 0,6 people in twilight. Must be one who is controlling the episode very well? :question: