Frederika ex Miscellanea

The working idea at the moment is there are three...I guess 'major' elements to Frederika's character:

  • There's the bubbly, high-strung perfectionist who goes into meltdown when things backfire (her as a person).
  • There's the know-it-all, learned scholar with a thirst for knowledge and status (the results of her apprenticeship).
  • And then there's the source of her gift itself - something old, and earth and stone; something in her blood or lineage.

The Terram focus comes from that last bit. An earlier draft that I was playing around with had Mythic Blood, but Flawless Magic ended up sounding more fun. Her magical heritage ended up being expressed in some of her other virtues/flaws: the specialisations in Terram, her apparent inability to age, what was her weak magic resistance, but I shall change that to Deficient Form (Auram) for the same sort of feel.

With a chunk of her apprenticeship bound up in her studies (likely being taught by a private tutor) - and a lot of the rest doing general apprentice stuff - the growth of her terram is just her (and her parens) focusing on something Frederika has a knack for. That and I want to cast fancy earth spells; I think this is also a good reason for it.

Still! It's not like she's lacking for general utility magic. With Magical Choreography and her scholarly bent, a lot of low-level spontaneous magic is effortless for her to pull off even with her art scores the way they are. A minute of fiddling, and she can magic any level 3 spell spontaneously without a roll. And risking the chancier spontaneous magic, she can get within striking distance of any level 10 spell...assuming she's not in a hostile aura anyway.

Which is the real magical legacy of her Misc tradition! Possibly a proto-spontaneous magic system; demonstrably inferior to system incorporated into modern Hermetic practice because it takes far too long. But it's safe, reliable, effective and as the boundaries of human knowledge expand so too does this tiny tradition!

Really though, I don't think it's necessary to have formulaic spells reinforce the scholar concept too hard. Frederika is already a very learned individual. She'll probably spend a lot of her time reading, writing and talking about books. She'll make efforts to go searching for lost libraries, and old magical secrets - and get excited when she finds stuff, and supremely grouchy when she comes up empty. It's why she has book leaner, and good teacher. Why she's perfectly fluent in latin, fully versed in rhetoric, and can probably recite some of her favorite classics word for word. I don't think she needs her formulaic magic to hammer that home even more!

As for the choice of spells themselves, I was reading this wonderfully useful "How to" for character creation:

And there is a list!

o Combat- one target, bigger punch
o Combat- area effect, no aiming needed
o Defense
o Escape
o Gather Info
o Travel- long distance
o Travel- comfort/warmth/survival
o Gather Vis

So I really just went down it and ticked them off as I went. One single attack spell, one group attack spell. The wall of stone is good for running away, or defending, or just being useful. I mean, you can do a lot with a chunk of stone that large. A spell for intelligence gathering after a fashion (missing artefact)...I wanted the one that lets me talk to stone, but that's a level 30 spell and I can't cast that! One for long distance travel (Palanquin). One for not being stabbed (Queen). Unseen Porter and Supple Iron are just utility spells with endless uses. Blink Step because teleportation is super cool, and super handy and I can just about cast it thanks to my rego. Equanimity because...Frederika gets mad. And she was probably forced to learn this one so she'd stop braking things quite so readily.

Then I ran out of points. Well, ok, I have two spell levels left. But I have no idea how to spend them.

But that's ok! Because she's still good at spontaneous magic, and I figured that would pick up the slack. A lot of the spells she knows are spells she can't rely on her ceremonial casting to cover - either because her arts just aren't high enough, or not casting them on the spot will get her killed because some people can't wait two minutes for her to finish casting!

[size=150]SPELL BOOK[/size]

[size=120]Sword of Striking Stone[/size]
CrTe(Re) 10

R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Ind.
Mastery: Multi-cast
This spell creates a sharpened sliver of stone, and propels it toward a target, doing +10 damage. Frederika's version of this spell looks like a sword with a winged cross guard and is stamped with her insignia.
(Base: 3, +2 voice, +1 rego requisite)

[size=120]Storm of Stone Swords[/size]
CrTe(Re) 20

R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Ind.
Mastery: Multi-cast
This spell creates numerous sharpened stones, and propels them toward a group of targets, doing +10 damage to each struck. Their appearance is the same as Frederika's Sword of Striking Stone.
(Base: 3, +2 voice, +2 group, +1 rego requisite)

[size=120]Wall of Protecting Stone[/size]
CrTe 25

R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Ind.
Mastery: Fast Cast
Makes a wall of granite up to 25 paces wide, 4 paces high, and 1 pace thick. One needs miner's tools to break thorugh it, though it can be toppled if it's not connected to a support on its side or top. Frederika's wall is always emblazoned, somewhere, with her insignia - usually very prominently.
(Base: 3, +2 voice, +2 group, +1 rego requisite)

[size=120]Locate the missing artefact[/size]
InTe 20

R: Arcane Connection, D: Con, T: Ind.
Mastery: Magic Resistance
Determines the location of a specific object. To cast the spell you need a map and an arcane connection to the object. By tracing your finger along the map you can sense if the object is in the area that the map depicts by a slight tingle in the finger as you trace it over the location. If the object is not in the area depicted on the map then you get no clue on where it is. One square foot of map takes about an hour to search.
(Base: 3, +4 arcane connection, +1 concentration)

[size=120]Queen of Steel[/size]
ReTe 25

R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind.
Mastery: Fast Cast
This spell grants a +15 Soak against attacks made by metal weapons that the recipient is aware of. Attacks that inflict less damage than that are deflected away. Weapons deflected by Frederika's version of this spell are snapped momentarily to attention - as if they were standing ready during a parade.
(Base: 2, +2 for metal, +1 touch, +2 sun, additional 10 protection +2)

[size=120]Stone Palanquin[/size]
ReTe 15

R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind.
Mastery: Still Casting
Enchants a stone, large enough to bear the caster, to carry the caster along at her mental direction. The stone moves with a speed, direction and height above the ground that she decides (maximum speed equivalent to a galloping horse, maximum height of 10 paces above the ground). The stone can only maneuver across terrain that can support it, so it cannot cross water or crevasses without sinking unless they are no more than 10 paces deep. If the caster directs the stone to manoeuvre rapidly, she may be forced to make a Dexterity + Agility roll or fall from the stone.
(Base: 3, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 for enhanced effect)

[size=120]The Unseen Porter[/size]
ReTe 10

R: Voice, D: Con, T: Ind.
Mastery: Still Casting
Allows the caster to slowly move a nonliving thing. Unseen Porter has, roughly speaking, the capabilities of an exceedingly strong person (Str +5) and can be used to move large objects such as crates. The heavier the object is, the slower Unseen Porter moves. If delicacy is required, Finesse stress rolls may be needed. The spell can only carry inanimate objects, and cannot oppose intentional resistance (e.g. it cannot pull an item out of someone's hand). Frederika's porter always seems to match her mood: jaunting if happy, jarring if angry, lazy if she's sleepy, etc.
(Base: 3, +2 voice, +1 concentration)

[size=120]Supple Iron and Rigid Rope[/size]
MuTe 10

R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind.
Mastery: Still Casting
Makes a flexible object stuff, or a stiff object flexible. Casting requisites of Forms appropriate to the materials affected are required.
(Base: 3, +1 touch, +2 sun)

[size=120]Equanimity Restoration[/size]
ReMe 3

R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Ind.
Mastery: Quiet Casting
The caster renders themselves composed and clear-headed, no matter their previous mood. The caster’s new attitude will remain until a situation changes it. Repeated castings of this spell can help a magus remain completely calm under many circumstances in which they might otherwise become frantic.
(Base: 3)

[size=120]Blink Step[/size]
ReCo 10

R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Ind.
Mastery: Still Casting
This spell transports the caster instantly up to 5 paces away. Great for getting over obstacles like walls or chasms, getting out of a pickle in general or who knows what else! Maybe not powerful, but versatile and useful. Frederika always seems to discorporate or recorporate from stone dust.
(Base: 10)


A heavy leather glove. There is a ring sewn into every digit, one each of: iron, lead, brass, bronze, and electrum.
Vis Slots: 4/4


  • Affect things by touch +4 (shape bonus, glove)
  • Terram +3 (material bonus, bronze)

Instilled Effects

Stored (in pawns):

  • Creo: 5
  • Rego: 5
  • Ignem: 10
  • Vim: 7



  • Summer: studied "History of the Order of Hermes" (18 XP Order of Hermes Lore). A Covenant of Dopplegangers (5 XP Order of Hermes Lore). New Totals: Order of Hermes Lore = 28

  • Autumn: wrote "Covenants and Tribunals - their relationship, past and present" (Q13 commentary on "History of the Order of Hermes"). Correspond with Camillus Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). Participated in Mr. Spooky Ch.3 (2 XP Order of Hermes Lore, 3 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Order of Hermes Lore = 30; Magic Theory = 34 XP.


  • Winter:studied "Corpus Hermeticum" (15 XP Magic Theory). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Magic Theory = 50

  • Spring: studied "Corpus Hermeticum" (15 XP Magic Theory). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Magic Theory = 66

  • Summer: studied "Corpus Hermeticum" (15 XP Magic Theory). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Magic Theory = 82

  • Autumn: wrote "Modern Magic Theory - standing on the shoulder's of giants" (Q13 commentary on "Corpus Hermeticum"). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). Exposure (2 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Magic Theory = 85


  • Winter: studied "Secrets of the Earth" (30 XP Terram). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Terram = 93; Magic Theory = 86

  • Spring: wrote "Hidden Depths - the unchanging earth" (Q13 terram tractatus). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). Exposure (2 XP Terram). New Totals: Terram = 95; Magic Theory = 87

  • Summer: studied "Into the Abyss" (13 XP Infernal Lore). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). New Totals: Infernal Lore = 14

  • Autumn: studied "Into the Abyss (13 XP Infernal Lore). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). New Totals: Infernal Lore = 28


  • Winter: studied "The Sorcerer's Shield" (13 XP Parma Magica). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). New Totals: Parma Magica = 18; Infernal Lore = 29

  • Spring: studied "The Sorcerer's Shield" (13 XP Parma Magica). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). New Totals: Parma Magica = 31; Infernal Lore = 30

  • Summer: wrote "Personal Protection - our greatest weapon" (Q12 parma magica tractatus). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). Exposure (2 XP Parma Magica). New Totals: Parma Magica = 34; Magic Theory 88

  • Autumn: studied "The Magical Art of Magic" (19 XP Vim). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Vim = 34; Magic Theory = 89


  • Winter: studies "The Magical Art of Magic (19 XP Vim). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Vim = 53; Magic Theory = 90

  • Spring: wrote "Examining Magic - the foundation of our art" (Q13 vim tractatus). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). Exposure (2 XP Vim). New Totals: Vim = 55; Magic Theory = 91

  • Summer: studied "Divine Authority" (17 XP Rego). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Rego = 72; Magic Theory = 92

  • Autumn: studied "Divine Authority" (17 XP Rego). Correspond with Aurelius (1 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Rego = 89; Magic Theory = 93


  • Winter: open future talisman for enchantment (4 pawns of vim vis). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). Exposure (2 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Magic Theory 95; Infernal Lore = 31

  • Spring: attune talisman. Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). Exposure (2 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Magic Theory = 97; Infernal Lore = 32

  • Summer: instill Touching Across Space with unlimited uses, 20/20 into Talisman (attune "affect things by touch"). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). Exposure (2 XP Rego). New Totals: Rego = 91; Infernal Lore = 33

  • Autumn: instill Maintaining the Demanding Spell with unlimited uses, 20/20 into Talisman (attune "terram"). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Infernal Lore). Exposure (2 XP Magic Theory). New Totals: Magic Theory = 99; Infernal Lore = 34


[list][*]Winter: studied "The Virtue of Knowledge (16 XP Intellego). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Intellego). New Totals: Intellego = 21

[*]Summer: studied "On Transmutation" (16 XP Muto). Correspond with Sicilio ex Miscellanea (1 XP Muto). New Totals: Muto = 21.


Imposing, solid: Frederika has appropriated a Crusader lookout as her laboratory. What used to be a domineering symbol of Christian might over the infidels, Frederika has made herself at home in this arrogant little construction.

Size: 0
Refinement: 0
General Quality: 0

Upkeep: 0
Safety: 2
Warping: 0

Health: +1
Aesthetics: +10

Specializations: +1 Texts, +1 Re, +1 Ig, +1 Me, [strike]+1 Au[/strike], [strike]+1 Im[/strike]

Structure Virtues:

  • Dedicated Building - Crusader lookout (+1 Upkeep, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Re) [+0]
  • Defenses - strong stone walls, thickset doors and iron portcullis (+1 Aesthetics) [+0]
  • Elevated - raised tower (+1 Aesthetics, +1 Au) [+0]
  • Grand Entrance - large, well defended entryway with Christian iconography (+2 Aesthetics) [+0]
  • Superior Construction - wartime fortification (+1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics) [+0]

Structure Flaws:

  • None yet~

Outfittings Virtues:

  • Guard (+1 Aesthetics) [+0]
  • Servant (+1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Me) [+0]

Outfittings Flaws:

  • None yet~

Supernatural Virtues:

  • Magical Heating and Lighting: superior (-1 Upkeep, +1 Health, +2 Aesthetics, +1Ig, +1Im, +1 Texts)

Supernatural Flaws:

  • None yet~


[size=85]* Order of Hermes Lore (Q13): "Covenants and Tribunals - their relationship, past and present" on "History of the Order of Hermes".

  • Magic Theory (Q13): "Modern Magic Theory - standing on the shoulder's of giants" on "Corpus Hermeticum".
  • Infernal Lore (Q?): from Frederika to her parens, Sicilio ex Miscellanea (24 letters as of Autumn 1241).
  • Magic Theory (Q?): from Frederika to Mr. Spooky, the ghost of Camillus Aurelius. (39 letters as of Autumn, 1240).
  • Parma Magica (Q12): "Personal Protection - our greatest weapon".
  • Terram (Q13; Resonant +1): "Hidden Depths - the unchanging earth".
  • Vim (Q13; Resonant +1): "Examining Magic - the foundation of our art".

A couple of thoughts on Magister in Artibus. First, per the rules you're only allowed to have on Social virtue. for all magi that social virtue is Hermetic Magi, meaning you can't take Magister in Artibus. Even overlooking that, Magister in Artibus states it is only available to a male character.

Actualy magister in Artibus is specifically available to Hermetic magi. The male part... from a social status perspective it is certainly true, but we can hand wave it since she really is just very well educated, or of course she can have dark secret of being a transvestite.

Really, where does it say that about Magi allowed to be one...I've always stayed away from it because of that. Also, Magister of Artibus just isn't about being well educated, the massive XP bonus is offset by the two seasons per year of teaching. So I'd think at a minimum she'd be required to fulfill that.

Magister in Arbitus states its available to those with the Magus virtue in the virtue text itself. It's also compatible with the Medicant Friar and Priest virtues. And yes, as Silveroak says, I'm using it to represent being very well educated. Doing the math, it works out to very nearly one season of private tutoring a year for 15 years (very convenient for apprenticeship).

As to the necessity of teaching, no, the virtue doesn't require you to teach. It requires you to teach if you want to maintain your reputation as a dependable academic instructor. Given the proposed nature of instruction I'm not actually expecting to have an academic reputation to begin with at all so that hardly matters.

If the male only thing ends up mattering, I can change it to the Magister in Medicina virtue which is available to women (and gives more XP than Magister in Arbitus). While I don't really want the medical knowledge, if that's the only way to be well learned then that's the way I'll do it!

Hmm, okay, I must have an old version of the main book or something since mine doesn't say anything about magi. I'll have to downlaod the errata since I've wanted to take that for Magi in the past. And yeah, you're right if you don't care about keeping the reputation.

Nevvermind, I'm fine with it :smiley:

I have an issue now though. I can overlook the dual social status and the male requirement. And you are not concerned with reputation. Okay.
The virtue states you must have spent 8 years in a University (or we can say an equivilent learning environment). This is in addition to your apprenticeship, not concurrent.
I would rather you take some XP granting Minor Virtues instead. Educated, Arcane Lore, Privileged Upbringing, etcetera.

I can go to university if it's required. Though the last time that was brought up on this board, a lot of people seemed to think it conflicted with the idea of being an apprentice.

Artes and Acadamy specifically mentions some masters sending their apprentices to a university to learn Latin and Artes Liberales, though it usually requires a gentle gift. on the other hand if the instructing magus is a magister in Artibus then their male students might gain such recognition to carry on the tradition....
it does also suggest that a formal education and apprenticeship could be concurrent.

Oh...well...that's ok then!

Then all is good. Magister in Arbitus will still clash because of the sexism, and I'm not willing to try and compromise the authenticity of the setting if university attendance is required. I'll swap it for Magister in Medicina to sidestep the issue.

The medical knowledge wasn't part of the original concept, but on reflection it will work for Frederika's character. She might be somewhat idealistic, but I don't see her as an entirely ivory tower academic. Medicine is practical enough to dispel that notion, and make her comfortable with getting her hands dirty to learn things.

I'll add the academic reputation to the character sheet as well, and edit the backstory at some point soon.

I actually don't mind so long as the other players are fine with it. I can see it being part of your apprenticeship, and I can also accept handwaving the sexism because you were taught by wizards not a university. I also like anachronisms to some extent. There is a poppin' club scene in Barcelona :mrgreen:
The only thing that really pokes at me is the inconguity of the magic. Yours is a tradition of wizard scholars. I get that. Magister is your Tradition Virtue, which is what makes it acceptable. But these ideas and traditions are reflected nowhere in her magic. I am not worried about what you do have. It is that you are lacking things other characters might expect a scholar magus to have.
But we can let that slide and pick up what you lack in game. No worries.
But I will want to see decent scores in Academic Abilities. Artes Liberales, Greek, Latin, Medicine, Philosophiae. Other stuff like Concentration & Profession Scribe.

You may well have all these covered, and if so never mind my rant.

I think my ability scores are pretty set for the concept at the moment. 5 in Artes Liberales, Philosophiae, Latin, and Medicine. 3 in profession scribe, and 2 in both concentration and chirurgy. I must admit, Frederika does not know Greek! Though she'd be willing to learn if she got her hands on some very nice Greek texts.

I agree.

Love the little bits on the spell. Stone Palanquin being both stronger (lower magnitude) and weaker (built-in flaws) than a flying carpet, it balances.

EDIT: Only thing, based on existing spells, Equanimity Restoration shouldn't do any change to the caster's mental state, but induce a specific change, which seems to be calm/justice? Also, it seems much more MuMe than ReMe, although the level stays the same. See for exemple "Distraction of the Magpie" (A&A 33), Clarion Call of the War Horse (HOH:MC 29), or Seed of Betrayal (GotF 73).

Put her on the wiki. Almost, at least: The parsing means I can't just copy-paste. ... iscellanea

Welcome, anyway, Cannonball!

Thanks for the wiki work and the kind words!

On Equanimity Restoration, I admit that one I took wholesale from the Net Wizard's Grimoire (something I found a very useful resource for someone so new to the system like myself). The description is possibly poorly worded for what it does. But I believe the idea is that it 'restrains' the caster - reigning in heightened emotion, thereby keeping the caster calm. Which does sound like Rego to me.

It's possible that this isn't an entirely correct usage of the rules, however.

Ok! Basically done with my progression through to the Winter of 1242; all detailed here. I haven't updated the magi planner yet, nor brought the character sheet in-line with everything. I still need to work out the two enchantments I'm planning to instill in my talisman - I know what they are, just can't quite figure them yet.

I also need to work out what the communication score for my parens, Sicilio ex Miscellanea, is.