Fresh Fatigue level

Is the fresh fatigue level supposed to be checked automatically, or used when the character first recieves/spends a Fatigue level?

Basically that empty box has no penalty, not even 0, but is it something that should even be there? It's causing some arguments amongst my players. In the example on page 178 they say that a character has 3 fatigue levels altogether, and that makes him Tired -3. To get there in this example you'd have to skip or ignore the Fresh box.

What's the ruling?

ArM5 p.178: "Characters are normally Fresh until they perform some strenuous action ..."

So the box besides Fresh on p. 237 should indeed not have been there. But as it is there, it should be filled in before fotocopying the character sheet. The boxes besides the Wound Levels are even more misleading - sure sign that this part of the character sheet was put together very quickly and not really playtested.

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OK, that's pretty much what we thought. Thanks. The wounds we weren't sweating, but has the same kind of problem.