FS2 Burning Dragon this week?

Hey all is the Burning Dragon pdf dropping this week? And if we have a subscription how will this work? Will we get an email on where to pick it up? Will the download be on our subscription page or somewhere else.

THANX IN ADVANCE :slight_smile:

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If you have a subscription, you should have received several e-mails about this from us. Check your spam filters and then send us an e-mail at info@atlas-games.com if you haven't received anything.

Burning Dragon will be available to Feng Shui Dragon subscribers as an Early Access PDF, but the PDF will not drop for general sale until the official on-sale date in June.

Confirming that I've received an email message with the Burning Dragon download link.

I also noticed that the iOS Feng Shui app was recently updated too.

I'm thrilled that Feng Shui 2 is getting love and support!

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It's awesome to have Feng Shui actively supported. I got the print version of Burning Dragon in the mail about a month ago. And now have time to begin reading it. I'm like that it uses the Feng Shui app to keep track of combat. It's good to see the app actively supported.

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