Fun Tool

A friend of mine recommended a website with random generators on it, some of which are roleplaying related

I had a go with ... magicrealm which generates Discworld-style magic research topics.

My list of 25 was:
Advanced Necromantic Taxonomy
Ancient Magic
Basic Cabbalistic Arts
Chronology of Demonic Engineering
Chronology of Remedial Enchantment
Ethical Applied Hermeticism
Ethical Cabbalism
Ethical Hermetic Writings
Geomantic Arts
Geomantic Engineering
High Magery
High-Energy Alchemy
History of Academic Enchanting
Inter-Planar Writings
Invisible Instruction
Invisible Research
Military Divination
Military Indefinite Science
Modern Pyrotechnic Cabbalism
Modern Remedial Necromancy
Paradoxical Hermetic Experimentation
Relativistic Cabbalism
Remedial Ethical Magery
Remedial Historical Demonology
Theoretical High Chronomancy

Funnily enough, topic #1 came into play on monday night's game as our necromancer Verditius on his first outing tries to identify undead he's never seen before. All the ones with Hermetic in the title are interesting. "Relativistic Cabbalism" is the only really dodgy one, as we all know the theory of relativity is incompatible with an Aristotelian paradigm. I like "Invisible Instruction" - sounds like a mystery cult trying to develop a virtue that improves XP from exposure.