Future books

I wonder, in Covenants, on the section for Crossbows, it says that they will be more detailed in an upcoming book. Does this mean that there will be a kind of "military/knights book" for Ars Magica, similar to Ordo Nobilis (wasn't that the name of the Companion book for 4th edition)? I would love to see a book like this. So in short, do we know of any books coming after City and Gild?
By the way, City and Gild looks really interesting. In my campaign, the mundane society of Mythic Europe plays a very big part.

But apart from the other Realms of Power books, and the book on the last four houses, what can we expect to see in the future? Any rumours or official words from Atlas Games?
If there would be a military book, I actually hope they include rules for equipment not yet invented in 1220. Maybe platemail and gunpowder actually was invented by a certain mystery cult? This could make up for a good story, as it would affect the mundane society in big ways (what good is a castle when you can blast it down with cannons made by rogue magi). Well, just some ideas..



The rules blurb on crossbows did allude to a future release more militant in nature.
I'm drawn to think of the Birthright game. For those that don't know it, it's essentially a "boardgame" where each player plays different nations complete with rules of increasing political influence, drafting and training soldiers, conquest, incurring rebellion, and so on. Where it differes from a bizillion similar games is in that it is built to be a "top layer" of normal D&D play. It makes the state equivalent in D&D to what the covenant is in Ars Magica.
By the same token, a product could be designed to work a Kingdom on a seasonal basis. Hmm.

I doubt whether such a product ever sees the light of day, but it's an interesting idea.

As for the OP, I too suspect an Ordo Nobilis repeat. Frankly, though, Gild and City is probably the only book in the line that I won't get. Unless another Ordo Nobilis comes out, then it will be two.
I'm not really interested in delving that deeply into mundane society for my ArM games, and have plenty of history books and sources to satisfy what interest I have.

Did John Nephew or David Chart not write about another tribunal book?

Another Tribunal Book? Oh joy! :slight_smile: Which one? Hope it's the one involving Greece, or France.

Gild and City looks interesting. I would love a book like that, as my players like to get involved in the mundane side of things. I hope they do one book about each aspect of the setting. Gild and City being about cities, maybe one about villages and wilderness and another about military. That would be cool :slight_smile:


A while ago on the Berk list David mentioned along the lines of "A book that has stuff for the seekers to look for".

While discussing what will be in "Realms of Power: Magic" David has said that there will be a fifth edition Hedge Magic book .

John has said that he thinks it is good for the line to have a tribunal book in print so we'll probably see another one at some point though there have been no hints as to which. The five tribunals that we haven't seen yet are Hibernia, Thebes, Transylvania, Provence, and Normandy.

I don't think that I have anything else that I can tell you.

Wow. When you put it that way, I just may see all the Tribunal books printed before I die. Huh, never thought that would happen when I was say 20 (14 years ago).