Future History

Is there anything cannon on what happens to the Order of Hermes after the times of mythic europe? Is it still around today in 2007?

By 5th edition standard, no. You are wholly on your own to plot the development of the setting. A couple of editions ago, it was supposed to evolve in WW's Mage setting, but now that link has been severed with steel and fire :wink:

Be mindful that you are potentially opening a can of worms here, but first of all you need to decide whether Mythic Europe is the way it is b/c of the beliefs of its inhabitants, or if indeed its basic metaphysical underpinnings (God's primacy, the power of the four realms, Aristotelan cosmology, etc.) are "real" by themselves. Then you have to decide, which one of the possible story developments that are obvious potentialities in the current settings, do happen, and plot the consequences in your alternate history.

Some obvious leads:

A new Schism war vs. non-Latin Houses or the Tremere.
The Order gets suppressed by the Church, and goes underground.
The Order makes peace with the Church, and becomes the third privilieged "estate" of society (and likely its "lst line of defense" and spearhead in the Crusades).
The Order makes some breakthrough, that helps it become the supreme elite of mythic europe's society.
Reshuffle amongst the Houses' setup.
The Mysteries become an integral, acknowledged part of the Order.
Some amongst the potential Hermetic theory breakthroughs (take any of the potential advances in the Hermetic Mysteries or Ancient Magic, and let it happen) revolutionizes the Order.
The Order discovers printing press and/or adopts class teaching system from unversities to the Arts, and it revolutionizes the way magic is taught, and eventually the order.
Thanks to renewal of activity by some god from the Magic and/or Faerie Realm, and/or the efforts of pagan mages, paganism makes a successful comeback.
The Order makes successful connection with faraway lands (Southern Africa, India, China, America) and its strange magics.
The Old Ones awake.
Infernal Powers overrun Europe.
The Mongol Horde attacks.
The Apocalypse starts.
The Renaissance starts anyway, only this time the old magic stuff is real.
Ditto for the Black Death.

Sometime ago, I made a plead (in the "wishes" thread) that a What If ? supplement focused on optional ideas, suggestions, and guidelines for possible future (and past, too: e.g. exploring how things would have gone if say Schism War would have unfolded differently might be interesting and useful) alternate stories scenarios might be a good addtiion to the ArM roster in 2008 or 2009, but who knows if my please were heard :confused:

The physics of the setting are based (in part) on medieval beliefs, as a result there is no such thing as electricity in the standard setting. this makes the development of anything resembling the modern world impossible.

One of my thoughts regarding the future of Mythic Europe is that a Bonisagus Magus (perhaps of the Priory of St. Nerious-think Neriusan Portal) could develop a way to construct regios on demand.

The construction of low level regios could make land a commodity that could be built to order and eventually lead to a world of many layers forming a swiss cheese maze of reality.

Which collapses when a demon in the shape of rat starts eating it?