Gabriel's Apprenticeship

Ah, somehow I never realized that. Good to know.

No idea what to do with this.

That's really for PoB to say.

So is Gabriel still around? Do you want to bring him along on the Ancient Discovery trip? The one downside is his training may lack a bit depending on how long the trip will take. If it's only a season or two, there shouldn't be any issues.

If Solomon is going, Gabriel would love to go! And his shapeshifting abilities might come in handy.

Also, if Gabriel is going we should figure out what he did in 1241-1243. He's done up until about 1240 and the story takes place in 1244.

I think we have it figured out at the top of this forum already.

Ah, so we do. I only entered that info into the wiki up to where we had advanced. I didn't think to look back to the beginning of this thread. (It's been a while.)

Do you know what precisely Gabriel will be doing in Winter and Autumn 1243?

Okay, had to go back and read through things.

For Winter 1243, he can basically do anything other than learn Arts (remember Solomon wants to be the first person to teach him any arts). So he can screw around (ie. adventure), practice, or do library study or have someone teach him anything mundane. One training resource is Silvia, if she has anything he's interested in learning. Her stats are here: Grog Development

For Autumn 1243, I'm not sure yet. If Solomon is doing something in the lab, then he'd expect Gabriel to assist, if not, then he could study anything mundane, or the Art Vim (since Solomon taught it to him Spring 1243). I'll think on whether Solomon has anything he wants to do lab wise and get back to you soon.

Sounds great.

One note, I was doing a little relooking over my plans, and Solomon is now doing one more season of book learning on teaching, so his source quality in Spring 1242 is now 16 (it's updated on the Magi Planner but not his sheet yet).