Galen ex Miscellanea

We can drop the whole Ex Miscellanea idea. I can see that concept is dead as a doornail. I'm looking now at alternate builds.

One idea is to play a Bonisagus who belongs to a Mystery Cult that will ultimately allow Philosophic Alchemy. If I do that are the Green Cockerels the only MC that has that mystery virtue?

Another idea is to play a member of one of the MC houses (not Verditius, since we have two of those). If I do that are initiations back on the table since those would be within my House's mysteries?

I'm not trying to be difficult. Really I'm not. :slight_smile: I'm just trying to figure out what the build rules are.

Really, there are a lot of possible character concepts. I liked my first one, it's true. But there are plenty of others out there that will probably cause less trouble.