Game of Throne Characters as Companion

Tyrion Lannister

Age: 30
Size: -2
Gender: Male
Confidence: 2 (6)
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Str -2 , Sta -1 , Pre +1 , Com +5, Dex 0 , Qik+1

Virtues: Wealthy, Greater Char x2,Puissant Guile, Educated, Self Confident, Luck, Gentleman
Flaws: Dwarf, Blacksheep,Rebellious, Judged Unfairly

Personality Traits: Intriguant +3 Brave +2 Secretive +1

Artes Liberales (Mathematics) 1 (5)
AL: Nordmandy (2) 15
AL: Europe (2) 15
Athletics (Running) 3 (30)
Awareness (Alertness) 3 (30)
Bargain (Whorehouse) 1 (5)
Brawl (Dodge) 3(30)
Carouse (Drinking) 3 (30)
Charm (Reputation) 4 (50)
Etiquette (Noble) 3 (30)
Folk Ken (Noble) 5 (75)
Guile (Elaborate Lie) 5+2 (75)
Intrigue (Gathering Info) 3 (30)
Lang:French (Political Term) 5 (75)
Lang:Latin (Writing) 3 (30)
Leadership (Noble) 3 (30)
Nobility Lore (Noble House) 4 (50)
Riding (Stamina) 2 (15)
Stealth (Hidden in the Corridor) 2 (15)
Strategy (Si├Ęge) 3 (30)
Swim (Underwater) 1 (5)

What do you think ? im working as well on Varys the Spider

Varys The Spider

Age: 45
Size: 0
Gender: Male
Confidence: 1 (3)
Characteristics: Int +2 , Per +1, Str -3 , Sta 0 , Pre +2, Com +3 , Dex 0 , Qik 0

Armor :Robe
Weapon: Dagger

Virtues: Way of Town, Archieunuch (Tso p38), Puissant Intrigue, Puissant Folken, Blessing : Power Aura of Rightful Autorities, Social Contact ( Spy Network)
Flaws: Ennemies ( Master of spy of Germany), Meddler, Obese, Short of Breath, Secretive, Eunuch

Personality Traits: Intriguant +3, Discreet +2 Secretive +1

Artes Liberales (Mathematics) 2 (15)
AL (Europe) (Geography) 3 (30)
AL (Italy) (Geography) 2 (15)
Al (Normandy) (Geography) 2 (15)
Al (Provence) (Geography) 2(15)
Athletics (Running) 2(15)
Awareness (Searching) 3(30)
Bargain (Treaty) 2(15)
Brawl (Dodge) 4(50)
Carouse (Drinking) 1(5)
Charm (R├ęputation) 4(50)
Etiquette (Noble) 4 (50)
Folk Ken (Noble) 4+2(50)
Guile (Elaborate Lie) 5(75)
Intrigue (Gathering Info) 4+2(50)
Lang:Greek (Spy code) 3(30)
Lang:Normandy (Spy code) 5 (75)
Lang:Provencal(Spy code) 3(30)
Lang:German (Spy code) 3(30)
Lang:Italian (Spy code) 3(30)
Lang: Latin (Spy code) 3(30)
Leadership (Spy) 2(15)
Nobility Lore (Noble House) 2(15)
Riding (Stamina) 2(15)
Stealth (Eardrop) 3(30)
Swim (Endurance) 2(15)

Both characters break the rules that it requires a score of 4 in a language to read it and 5 to write it.

Wouldn't agree with your assessment of Tyrion's personality - he's no more lecherous than anyone else and not defined by his ambition. I'd go with Rebellious (specifically, he can't keep his mouth shut to save his life - remember how he threatened Joffrey?) and Judged Unfairly.

With the speciality in SPycode he can read codes no ?

Ramidel i agree , change were made

Next in Line Cersei Lannister ... could we give her -1 or -2 int ?

Cersei isn't stupid - she is unwise, she should have flaws covering that, or personality traits covering that...

Cersei is actually highly intelligent and her ability with Intrigue is on par with Littlefinger's. The problem is that she has far more psychological problems than you can fit into an Ars Magica character sheet - lechery, paranoia, an inability to realize when sex and intrigue are not the appropriate tools...

What about we work together on it ?

Age: 32
Size: 0
Gender: Female
Confidence: 1 (3)
Characteristics: Int +1, Per 0, Str -3 , Sta +2 , Pre 3 , Com +2 , Dex 0 , Qik +2

Armor : Robe
Weapon: Dagger

Virtues: Wealthy, Imp CharX1, Puissant Intrigue, Puissant Guile, Protection ( Her Fathers level Duke), Venus Blessing, Temporal Influence, Gentlewoman
Flaws: Proud ( +3), Dark secret: Incest, Weakness : Children (?), Devoted Parens, Careless with Intrigue,Careless with Guile

Personality Traits: Proud +3 Intriguant +2 Venal +1

AL Europe (Places) 2 (15)
Al Normandy (History) 2 (15)
Athletics (Acrobatics) 2 (15)
Awareness (Searching) 2 (15)
Bargain (Male) 2(15)
Brawl (Non Lethal) 3 (30)
Carouse (Drinking) 2(15)
Charm (Seducing) 5(75)
Etiquette (Noble) 4 (50)
Folk Ken (Noble) 4(50)
Guile (Noble) 6+2 (105)
Herbalims (Poison) 2(15)
Intrigue (Politics) 6+2(105)
Lang:French (Poem) 5(75)
Leadership (Noble) 3(30)
Nobility Lore (Leaders) 2(15)
Riding (Speed) 2(15)
Swim (Underwater) 1(5)

I wouldn't put Cersei as Lecherous - any more than any other GoT character that enjoys recreational sex. She didn't seem indiscriminate. She is definitely Proud. Almost everything she does stems from the twin prongs of Proud and Dark Secret. She might also have a Weakness for her children, though Geoffrey definitely strained that towards the end.

However, I think she's only 'intelligent', not remarkably so. +1 at most, if not +0. Most of the dumb things she does would stem from Proud, but she doesn't seem to have any moments of brilliance.

I did follow your advise change were made

she has a weakness to children and his a devoted parens
i did gave her also a careless with intrigue

My view of Cersei is that she was fine until she loses her brother and father to advise her. Then she makes very bad decisions.

It will be interesting to see how high you make Littlefinger's Intrigue if she is a 6+2 He is by far the highest of the lot.

True but she has carel├ęss with it

Her brother,Tyrion, said she had some wit but was blinded by pride ( book 1). I would give her a 3. She has intrigue but she is not some great master.

Littlefinger seems to rely more on Folk Ken than Intrigue. All of his successes come from reading people correctly. Most of the characters in GoT are actually pretty poor at Intrigue, doing stupidly selfish things that hamper their ability to ascend to power. They all seem to have amazing capacity for shooting themselves in the foot.

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That may be true but since he was running a game pitting the Lancasters vs the Starks from Book 1 I was thinking he had more intrigue than most.

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John why dont you build it :wink:

Im working on Sir Rober strong alias Grego Clegane