Game Science

Playing a game right now, 1221 Tribunal. But as it has a number of times a memory from a previous game just came up.

During a previous game a player (Bejorner) had the strangest luck. He routinely rolled bot he's, but also routinely rolled mediocre Criticals (1,1,1,3!). Over and over again. Horrible botches and mediocre crits.

One day, he looked at his die, sighed in disgust and threw it across the room

We asked if he was finally done with that luck, he said "It only had 0 to 4.... Twice!"

Que us dying of laughter.

We had a player with similar luck. Except, his was persistant, and apparently held across games.
He either rolled (rolls, I guess?) really well, or really poorly. his dice have no middle ground.

And then of course there's Christian, who just rolls silly well during Certamen. :wink:

I do? Pity we don't use Certamen much, or that they rarely mean anything.
Maybe I did roll well for the first tournament, but I don't recall any success from the second. At least not in Certamen.

We have a friend who occasionally drops in for play and plays a grog. One of the storyguides has come to have mock-horror of his visits because he usually walks in and rather casually kills the villain or monsters - we don't often have combat, but he has shown up those times.

Once, he was in the role of the highly capable but still grog custos bodyguard of a warrior mage - the giant spider-monster we were attacked by was probably expected to brush aside the grogs and present a challenge to the dedicated Flambeau. Instead, the grog dashed in and attacked with a single spear thrust - Roll: 1!






And killed the spider monster dead with the most impressed, if weirdly low, critical I've seen in Ars Magica.

He does not show up once in fifty games and we don't have combat once in ten games, and when he does he rolls out a weird crit like this. With borrowed dice.

I can't fathom the odds of this.

The SG was amused, impressed, baffled, and nonplussed, all at once. That villain was supposed to have been a real challenge for the mage. The mage player was impressed and annoyed himself.