Leap of homecomming allows you to go to any place that you have an arcane connection.

Would this allow you to enter regios too?


I do think so.

As long as nobody resistas your intrusion, yes, I think so. I would make you roll for entry, with a large bonus due to the AC. if someone resists you entering, the malus can be quite heavy, but nowhere it does say taht you must teleport yourself in the same "regio level of power" or anything liekt hat :slight_smile:



I think it is a campaign choice.

Personally, we do not allow it unless it is a Leap of home comming attuned with the realms involved.

We add one magnetude to the spell per regio type.

For example,

Lucius lives in his tower that has a room that is within a Magical regio. He has set-up a lab within it. He had to cast his own Aegis of the Earth since he is in a regio & developped a spell to Leap from the mundane world to his special room.

Leap of Home Comming ReCo40 (+1 mag to travel to a magical regio)

Note that this spell also work if Lucius is in another Magical regio but not if he is in a Fairy/Infernal or Dominion regio.

Lucius could invent a Level 35 leap of Home comming of level 35 that would allow him to only traval from a magical regio to another magical regio.

I find it adds flavor since it also implies that scrying in a regio requires modified versions of spells (As it hints with the spell InVi (peirce the mystic veil)