Gen Con 2017 -- Ars Magica presence

I will be at GenCon this year, and would like to know if there is interest in the following:

A) I was thinking of moderating a Storyteller's roundtable, where the attendees discuss how they build story arcs, both long and short term. The 2nd half of the forum would be a brainstorming session built around a story arc. I don't know if there's still time to get a small conf room to do this, but I figured I'd try to find out. If not, would people be interested in meeting at a bar or coffee shop instead? We did some similar things at Grand Tribunal America back in the day, and it was a lot of fun.

B) Is there any other topic / activity that attendees would like to meet up and discuss? I'm happy to organize, and meet others in the Ars community. Even if it's just an Ars Happy Hour to get together and chat.

Eric Vesbit

ps. If work allows me to get everything in order, I'm going to run an Ars game. There are so few on the schedule!!!

I'm going. I'll shoot you a mail and see if we can do some schedule coordinating.

I'll be there as well. I'm running one of the games, and would love to talk to other SG's.
I'll send you an email.

Anyone out there who would like to get together, please feel free to contact me directly:

eric dot vesbit at gmail

But I'm also happy to discuss here on the forum too!

Hmm. Makes me sad I can't make it out to GenCon this year.

I will be at Gen con on Saturday.

Jebrick at Gmail dot com

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Hi All,

I'll be running an Ars adventure on Friday afternoon. Looks like there are 2 seats still open. Please see the link below!

Wish I could. I have a meeting and the Ennies! :confused:

I played in Eric's game. It was a lot of fun, and my first time playing Ars Magica in person.

Thanks again for a great game, Eric.

My pleasure, Trogdor!
It was a blast to run, and you guys took the story in unexpected directions that were a lot of fun to figure out on my end. I had a great time.