Gen Con 2018 -- Storyteller's Forum

Salve Sodales,

For those of you going to GenCon this year:

I know it's last minute, but I'm thinking of putting together a "Storyteller's Forum" on Friday morning. We did something like this at Grand Tribunal America a few years back, and it was fun.

The goal is to create a story arc together in the room, in order to see how different storytellers would set up different scenarios. I'd present a general theme, and then we'd brainstorm on a few different saga events. Once we come up with a good list, the attendees break up into groups for an allotted time, and come up with an adventure hook or three. Then we come back together and present the ideas to the room.

I'm thinking Friday morning like 9am-12 or 10am-1. Would anyone be interested in this?