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I just realized something creepy. Artur, Vibria's son, is technically cousins with Vibria's familiar. Maurice is the deadbeat dad of the draco kittens that Fleur's familiar gave birth to, which is where Vibria's familiar came from. I am a dope and cannot remember the names of either familiar at the moment.

Felicia is Fleur's familiar

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I was thinking something like that, but I figured it was better to admit failure than to botch it. I had "Felina" in my head :laughing:

And Felix is Vibria's.

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I just had a quick look at that site. I think it is designed for posting on that site only. I do not mind if you just tell me what you rolled. I trust you guys. However, I might suggest a different site.Coyote Code works well on these forums.

Totally changing the subject: who would be available to teach Guiverna Latin, preferably Summer 1245 or so? She has a score of 4 now, but needs a 5 to be able to write books.

Off hand I have no idea. Siveroak has been managing a school of sorts. If you wanna sit with the kids :slight_smile:
Or you could be putting your 2xp Exposure from lab work into Latin. Or Magic Theory, or Arts, or Andorra Area Lore, or just about anything you are able to do on the side. Latin is very appropriate because you are writing a lab text each season that you work.

according to my grog file at home, Paxti has a SQ of 16 for a class of 35, with latin:5, and Magic theory:4, although she was only 3 points short of magic theory:5 and this would have been a few years ago game time. She also has teaching:7, and has been instructing instructors to try and spread literacy through the area and act as a network of low level agents to report back to the covenant. If you want her to instruct one on one she would have a SQ:22 before any of the student's virtues or flaws were taken into account.

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When would Paxti be available to teach Guiverna? They can use her lab for instruction, and I don't have Guiverna planned for anything from Summer 1245.

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summer 1245 she is planned to teach, I don't have a schedule for her after Autumn 1245, and her plans for autumn 1245 are something she would rather change than discuss... (work for Fleur)

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Okay, so Autumn 1245, then? Or Winter 1246?

She would prefer winter 1246, but you are the Maga...

Let's do Autumn, then. Then she can spend Winter writing a book on Medicine or something.

Volcanic Incubation

Found this interesting and relevent

Sorry to disappear... I had some heavy life events and been very active in political protests in my community.

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No worries! This is a tiume to be heard and to be loud.

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Yeah, no worries.

I was about to post here and ask if everyone was ok. Apart from global pandemic, it seems our American friends are facing an awful mess as well.

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To be fair it is everyone's mess.
The pandemic exists because of Trump's actions. When he removed the American Pandemic Defense team he not only put America at risk, he effectively removed the firewall on a global hub of world travel- America's vulnerability is the world's vulnerability. When thousands of Americans returned from China without quarantine or testing because Trump's racism overruled science, those infected exposed not only America, but the American transportation system, with flights leaving daily for Italy, Japan, Australia, the entire globe. We became the center of the infection because we abdicated our responsibility to the global community, as well as our own defense, through Trump's actions and by electing Trump.


Please, no talking of mundane politics on these boards. We are already innundated by it in the news, and here is not an appropriate place for it.

I do apologize but I cannot agree. Silence is violence. We are on the verge of omega level world crisis.
Or maybe Lambda level at least :laughing:
People gotta vent when and where the emotion surfaces. Free speech is sacrosanct.
I am not going to soap box here. I do that on Facebook. But I shall not use my moderator powers to silence anyone, nor will I join in social pressure to accomplish the same.

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