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Sounds interesting, lots of role playing opportunity.
Do realize that this is the sort of saga where $#!+ hits the fan from time to time, we go out killing dragons, get attacked by armies of ogres & goblins, hunt drakes, and cope with giant size 'Afrit at our gates.
We currently have an issue with Specters wandering the streets down in the village.
Not everyone is an action star. There is a lot of room for roleplaying, and we can ramp up other aspects as players interests demand of me. We worked out political deals with Barcelona & House Mercere that could be your entrance to the saga. We have become the link between Mercere Portal hubs in Iberia (Barcelona) and Provencal (Doisettep). This increases foot traffic. Foreign magi will pass through the Mercere Quarter all the time. It might start to get annoying even.
But this essentially means that any magus can come from any conceivable background and wind up here somehow.
Especially from Provencal (in stores June :smiley: )
Marsielle is in Provencal I do believe.
What does Canem de Mere mean?

And a young maga is fine. I am kind to young magi. The last character to enter the saga fresh from gauntlet, Vibria, wound up being related to the local dragon and has grown close with her grandfather.
Which reminds me, Vibria should visit gramps and ask him what he knows about the City of Brass. His library is massive and certainly contains information. And he is old enough to have already been old when that original tale took place.

It means cave of the sea.
I'm assuming that not every character will have to go on every quest. Though if you are fighting dragons she could be of great use patching up grogs... I still need to figure out my spells as well...

We are currently preparing for a dangerous quest, so having a good healer on our crew would be a great asset :smiley:
And I like the whole "by the sea" origin :mrgreen:
But you are a Bonisagus healer. What sort of innovative techniques are you hoping to achieve? What have you been esposed to? Any special Virtues &/or Mysteries you are planning to take?

Two spells I have developed for this character I'd like troop approval of:
Silent Orders to the Unit: CrMe: transmits the orders (either from the magus or relayed through them) to a unit of grogs directly into their minds. Base 3, range voice (+2), duration sun (+2)

Comprehension of the Whispered word: InMe: allows a magus to understand what the target is saying, even if the words are too quiet to hear. Base 5, target individual, duration sun (+2), range: touch (+1)

They look pretty standard and are fine by me. I will let Fixer rule on them if there are any issues.
Fixer, one of our players, is our "Rules Shark". I am more of the "big picture" guy. Xavi is the "Language Shark", being the only one of us that actually speaks Catalan. Everyone else is a shark in their own way too :smiley:
One magus is literally a shark, this is his Heartbeast :slight_smile:

Those 2 spells look fine.

One interesting thing about her is that she might find mundane terrain (terrain without a fae or magic aura) to be extremely dull. Having lived all his life in a magic aura might cause that effect on her.

Her idea of marriage I find more strange, though. Specializing in fertility magic I guess she would know something about family matters, even if she might have decided that a plato-designed society would be better suited than the christian, or other religious concept of family.

Even if she does not, I do not understand why she cannot understand relationships between equals but can understand slavery. I find that point and concept interesting, so would be willing to hear more about it :slight_smile:

Her modern mindset regarding women is 100% kosher for a covenant upbringing for me. Well done. It will set her apart from common society. :slight_smile:


PD: I am a shark! I like being a shark 8) :mrgreen: Xavi hums the Jaws song to himself

What she can't understand is a contractual relationship between equals which resembles ownership. The idea that, if she were married, her husband would be allowed to prevent her from sleeping with other people to her sounds more like ownership than a relationship. To her a good relationship should not require rules or exclude other people. Perhaps I should mention she also has lecherous as a major flaw... she would be more likely to follow the ideology of Sappho than Christian ideology. She understands slavery as a fairly simple concept, not something she has given much thought to- one person owns another, and she has never seen it in practice, where some people at the covenant had marriages which ranged in practice from Biblical (multiple spouses) to traditional to Roman (one spouse but fidelity was not expected), and nobody who ever really explained where in that range the norm was or why they were all referred to as marriages etc. It is also something she didn't think was really important to understand, because within the covenant it wasn't as significant as it is in the mundane world.

I'm also certain she will completely freak the first time she comes across a divine aura.

There's also the financial aspect of medieval marriage, with the dowry and such. From a skewed perspective such as yours, it may seem like a woman's family is paying a man to take her off their hands and then he gets to order her around for life. Or even from a non-skewed perspective, come to think of it. :slight_smile:

Oh yes :-/

Anyway, sounds like fun! :smiley:
The spells:

As such, this will work just fine... But on one individual grog only, not on a unit.
Which is not a big bother, you just have to target the leader or whatever.
Given the duration, you might be better of taking it at Touch range and casting it in advance on a trusted grog. Saves you a magnitude.

If you want to cast it on a unit of grogs, have them stand before you as a Group, touch one, cast the spell, and here you go for Sun! :smiley:

You're reinventing Thoughts within Babble.
Sensory spells are strange, and I may be wrong, but I think this should work, on one person, with a caveat: This is not telepathy or else. The guideline allows you to understand the meaning of spoken words, not to eavesdrop on a conversation, so I tend to disagree that this would work if you don't hear the words. Especially given the duration: this would allow you to hear what the target is saying, even if he was at the other end of the covenant!

In short, given a similar duration, this saves you 2 magnitudes versus Thoughts within Babble, at the cost of working on a single person you have to cast the spell upon. A pretty nice deal, IMO. But you still have to hear what she is saying.

Yup, this is Thoughts within Babel*.

Thinking more about it, would the first spell work well? It would be like a constant highway of thoughts towards the grogs, no? It does not require the magus to concentrate, even. My operative knowledge of Mentem is sketchy though, since we hate the form after it busted 2 sagas in a row for us with the paradigmatic Jedi/knowledge gatherer magus (we do not like that approach), so we almost never use that Art IMS. I am more than willing to be corrected about this point :slight_smile:


*My troupe has misspelled this spell since, forever. When we noticed it we decided our version of the name was so much better and fitting the game period that we kept it.

I need to add target group to the first spell, making it level 25.
What would it take to make a spell which would allow a person to listen quietly over a moderate distance (across a battlefield) to one person- the idea is the commander could relate commands silently or nearly silently through the magus to their troops.

Also it seems to me she would have developed a spell to suspend fertility- would this be ReCo or PeCo and what base level?

This should be fairly straightforward:
Assurance of the Eased Recovery CrCo: gives +15 bonus to recovery from wounds for 1 month. Base 10, range touch (+1), target individual, duration moon (+3)

I am reminded of the story of Venus in Furs. Not the actual story, just the moral point at the end of the story (one brief epilogue of moralization to justify content that is otherwise 99% ribaldry and fun :mrgreen: )

As for the spells...
You could maybe cast the one multiple times and have it active on more than one person at a time? Instead of two magnitudes for group, maybe just one for intricacy? The connection is active while the spell endures, but each end of the line has to concentrate to send messages. You are not hearing all their thoughts, just the ones that they furrow their brow and send to you. Visa versa too.

Now this is the tricky part. The SG here is not the final authority on the rules. This SG comes up with crazy half baked ideas all the time and needs his players to keep him in check.
Having said that, any errors in any published material of mine are not my fault :mrgreen:

The anti-fertility spell sounds dreadful. Rego to prevent pregnancy, Perdo to terminate a pregnancy.
I would say Rego base 3 would suit, Target Part maybe? The Condom of Hermes :smiley:
Base 4 could induce amiscarriage.
Or you could do like Carmen and start on Hermetic Birthcontrol while you are young and stay looking hot into your 40's (she started Longevity at age 22, is now in her 40's and looks like her late 20's).
As for an termination, depends on how early you catch it and how horrible you want the experience to be. Early stages, base 5 will hamper the body's ability to sustain being pregnant. Early stages it means quick miscarriage. Later stages could be painful and a woman of stamina might endure. At any stage, base 15 will cripple the woman and cause miscarriage, rendering her infertile until she heals. Base 20 permanent infertility. Base 30 Target Part, painlessly terminates the pregnancy.

Healing spells are according to increments healed, not the type of wound. Base 15 improves a wound by one level, base 20 by two, base 25 three, base 30 four. A Target of Group improves all wounds that many levels.

Okay, let me wrap my head around this house rule, because normal rules are that there are spells for immediate healing which are always ritual, and non ritual spells which allow bonuses to healing. Are you saying that the non ritual spells are not allowed? Or does the levels of healing not require vis?
The cheat sheet I have compiled for CrCo guidelines from standard sources:
1: +1 to recovery rolls, treat wounds 1 cat less serious for activities while injured
2: +3 to recovery rolls, prevent decay of corpse
3: +6 to recovery rolls, prevent all target’s wounds from getting worse, +1 childbearing
4: +9 to recovery rolls, +3 childbearing
5: +12 to recovery, create human corpse, +6 childbearing
10: +15 recovery rolls
15: heal a light wound, +18 to recovery roll, resolve minor aging crisis, cure minor disease
20: heal a medium wound, heal debilitating aftereffects of disease, poison, or injury
Resolve serious aging crisis, cure serious disease
25: heal heavy wound, restore lost limb, resolve major aging crisis, cure major disease,
Improve all wounds by one level of severity
30: heal an incapacitating wound, increase physical characteristics by 1 to max of 0
Cause person to reach physical maturity in 1 day, resolve critical aging crisis, cure critical disease
35: heal all wounds, resolve terminal aging crisis, increase physical characteristics by 1 to +1,
cure any disease
40: increase physical characteristics by 1 to +2
45: increase physical characteristics by 1 to +3
50: increase physical characteristics by 1 to +4
55: increase physical characteristics by 1 to +5
70: raise the dead- sort of

Yes. As far as I understand (and this is very much YMMV!), this depends on spell design.
I can see 2 options there:

  • It works all the time, and he doesn't need to concentrate
  • He needs to concentrate to send thoughts, otherwise it sends nothing.

Of course, finesse and/or Additional magnitudes could change that.

IMO, this is quite simple. Use InIm base 1 (use one sense at a distance, namely hearing).

  • 1 for Touch, +2 sun = 4: This would allow you to hear one person, and only her (not her surroundings!), for Sun duration. This'd need to be used before.
  • 3 Sight, +2 Sun = 15: the same, but usable over a battlefield. This seems to be what you want.

Good question.
As far as I understand, this makes you "worse" as a human (and would be a dreadful curse to most people), so PeCo. I'd say this is base 05, to hamper a person, affecting her capacity to become pregnant. With range Personnal and D: Sun, this is a lvl 15 spell.

You could try to affect semen with Rego, but this's use Target: Part. Or maybe try a Ward versus humans, with some complexity/intellego?
Really, better use a Longevity Ritual.

This helps you recover, this doesn't prevent pregancy :wink:

Marko's HR: Base 15 ritual doesn't heal a Light wound. It improves any wound by one level. Thus heals a light wound, changes a medium into light...
Likewise, base 20 will heal a light or medium wound, or change a heavy wound into light.

I want t be able to have children in the future, just not right now. The recovery spell was for someone injured in combat. So what about the guidelines to help recovery rolls? Are they out the window? Because I wasn't planning on using vis on every cut and scrape.

Touch of the Barren Moon: PeCo: makes a woman barren for one month, during which time she also will not suffer from a menses. Base effect 5, range touch (+1), target individual, duration moon (+3)

Spring for the Encampment: CrAq: Creates a spring with a high rate of flow that lasts for 1 month. Base:5, touch (+1), duration:moon (+3)

Loves Labors Eased: CrCo: Gives a woman +6 for childbearing rolls if she gives birth before the next moon Base:5, range: touch (+1) Duration:moon (+3)

also regarding Silent orders of the Unit, part of the reason to make it group is so that the orders go out to a unit...

No, not at all. Immediate healing requires rituals and vis. I am just saying that the guideline is not for the size of the wound, it is for a number of levels of improvement.
So "20: heal a medium wound" should read "improve a wound by two levels". This will heal a Medium or Light wound, and improve a Heavy wound to Light or an Incapacitating Wound to Medium.

A quick question on childhood abilities:
The standard in apprentices allows for area lore (covenant) at 2 as part of the 45 points.
The game HR allows a free area lore ability at level 2 for free
should I simply take the area lore (covenant) at level 3? Or spend the 15 points a I prefer within normal rules for childhood development?

Armor from Hide: ReAn: Takes raw leather or animal hide and crafts it into leather armor. Requires finess roll. Base: 3, range touch (+1)

which will leave me with 2 unused spell levels...